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  1. tonysi

    Identify this Anemone

    I'm gonna go with heteractis crispa, sebae anemone.. It's really bleached to give a positive i.d. though.
  2. tonysi

    Sick banded cat shark

    What are your nitrates level. High nitrates are no good for sharks and rays. Hope your shark is ok....
  3. tonysi

    New First Fish for Tank

    You can never go wrong with a pair of clownfish
  4. tonysi

    New Fish Species?

    Lol allergy eaters.... I could use a few of them in the spring.
  5. tonysi

    long tentacle feeding inquries

    Or try feeding it like this
  6. tonysi


    Congrats kwassing :D
  7. tonysi

    my first try at a tang.

    Try a tomini tang, my guy is pretty cool and he doesn't mess with anyone.
  8. tonysi


    "Shhhhh!, I'm blending in."
  9. tonysi

    aquarium underwater waterfall

    Youtube vids on this are sweet looking, the volcanoe ones are pretty neat too. I say go for it.
  10. tonysi

    Pinnatus Batfish

    Na never did. The most aggressive fish I had in the tank with him at the time was a juvenile domino damsel. [/URL]
  11. tonysi

    Pinnatus Batfish

    And also to be hardier would be nice as well. I had a 6 inch tall pinnatus in my 450g and he lived for only 7 months, he ate everything I fed and one day my wife called me at work and told me he died. He had no illness or anything distinguishable about him. I will never buy another one. They are...
  12. tonysi

    Pinnatus Batfish

    Out of all the baitfish available to us hobbyists the pinnatus looks the best in its adult form, yet it has the worst survivability rate.
  13. tonysi

    I'm back!

    nah I understand that's why I'm only in the 300's with my posts and been a member for seven yrs. I only post when I feel I can contribute or when making a positive post.
  14. tonysi

    I'm back!

    well start chiming in "one liners" in every thread... Get that number back up again
  15. tonysi

    How do you avoid toxic live sand on a physical move?

    From what I have heard in the past is that if you stir up up the sand bed it can cause an ammonia spike, so Im guessing do a heck of a lot of water changes to keep it to zero on tests. I'm not a 100% on this though so hopefully someone with this particular experience can chime in and help you...
  16. tonysi

    I'm back!

    Nothing wrong with being a noob... I've been on this forum since 07 I'm still a noob. It's true that every day you learn something new.
  17. tonysi

    Before I get an anemone

    A Midas blenny would add some nice color and personality
  18. tonysi

    Before I get an anemone

    Just a heads up the two angels would not be good together.
  19. tonysi

    Electric blue hermits

    They don't even budge when there is food in the tank?
  20. tonysi

    My tank is too perfect

    Ya, your tank is too need to add some ammonia and some aiptasia to it. But seriously just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the tank.