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  1. iyachtuxivm

    Prisim favia?

    This was sold to me as prisim favia what do you think ill get a good actinic pic soon...
  2. iyachtuxivm

    Can you name these?

    figure I would post pics of a couple zoos to see if anyone thinks they can name them... Im calling these Zombie Eyes they have changed alot since I purchased them. They were calling these Big bang hte ones on the right No idea..... better pic of those hopefully.
  3. iyachtuxivm


    Anyone have a good sorce for info on anglers? I have been looking for a few days and I find lots on size and water conditions. It seems that most info is inaccurate on reef compatibility, I understand the "if it fits in its mouth its gone" but what about corals. My wife thinks they are venomous...
  4. iyachtuxivm

    Finepix camera

    Im testing a finepix s2000hd. I have about 5 or 6 days left till its mine. Camera price was 279.00. I was also looking at the panasonic fz28s model at around 349.00. Anyone have any input on either? The finepix is so far so good. I do like it but is there something better for the money? Is the...
  5. iyachtuxivm

    Please dont tell me this is what I think it is!

    Ok so tell me. Pics are bad. Its at a bad angle. they arnt "sticky" but I dont know that much about majano (sp)
  6. iyachtuxivm

    ID if possible please

    I got these about 2 weeks ago the color is different in my tank then where I got them from. When I got them they were blue and pink now they are white pink and blah still kinda cool just not what they were. These took the longest to open of anything that has gone in my tank and survived, over a...
  7. iyachtuxivm


    Anyone ever hear of T6 lights? Come same as T5 watts and number of bulbs in fixtures. Just a little cheeper any ideas?
  8. iyachtuxivm

    ID this LPS

    Wondering if some one could give me an ID. I cant remember what they said it was its not a favia I know that. sorry pics are not that great.
  9. iyachtuxivm

    Water tests

    Note sure where to plant this so here is as good as a spot as any. So this is a kinda newbie question( which I still am) but I have taken my water to be testes in 3 different LFS 2 of which I trust their info totally. I continue to get different reading between all the tests. I realize that temp...
  10. iyachtuxivm

    Id Shroom?

    Anyone got an accurate id on this shroom I purchased it as a caribbean shroom they where about the size of a quarter. According to everything I read they shouldent get more than an inch around. These are 2 inches easy in less then a month ummm let me try that top one again
  11. iyachtuxivm


    So this may sound like a dumb question but do zoo/palys have sweepers? I tried taking pics camera not so good. Could it be waste product (poop). You cant tell from pics but its same color as the zoo.
  12. iyachtuxivm

    What is this?

    It looks like a mushroom. Could it be? or is it bad.
  13. iyachtuxivm

    Lighting question?

    Ok so I've seen and really like the look of 14k MH. Right now I have 4x24wT5HO set up. Everything is growing well and seems to be happy. The light is on a 32 gal its 24x18x18. I have Zoos, Shrooms, Rics, some sps,lps,crocea,a little of everything. I found a 250w MH/2x65wpc set up for a good...
  14. iyachtuxivm

    Pics of new crocea

    Pics of new crocea. And a question. Question do blennies often bother clams? Its a bicolor blennie and he picked at the clam two times tonight causing it to close up for 5-10 min each time. Does the bicolor need to go? Is this a bad combo? I havent seen anything related to this topic. Or was it...
  15. iyachtuxivm

    New Crocea

    So got a Crocea today and it has jumped off the rock 3 times so far. I know it says to put this species on a hard surface, but he doesnt want to. Will he be ok in the sand? If not how do I teach him to stay? Any help appreciated.
  16. iyachtuxivm

    Operation remove kenya

    Ok thinking of removing the kenya off this rock with the monti. Anyone have any suggestions? And can I use superglue? I heard they dont like to be banded. 1. Should I break rock with chisel it could break where monti is? 2. Should I use a razor to cut/scrape the base off?
  17. iyachtuxivm


    wondering if any one could give me an id, its under actinics but the color is very close to normal. I know its almost impossible to id these things.
  18. iyachtuxivm

    How deep?

    Ok wasnt sure where to ask this but ill do it here. I have the chance to pick up a clear acrilyc "tank" .Its actully a part of a display its 48x30x8. Its one piece with the bottom being black the sides are clear. Its thick like 3/4 to 1in thick. The problem is its only 8in deep will that be too...
  19. iyachtuxivm

    feather duster

    So i have had a feather duster for about a month now. Everything seemed good but today the feather duster dropped its crown. The last few days its not come all the way out of the tube. I thought that maybe it was because I got soom new zoos and they were kinda close to the duster, like if the...
  20. iyachtuxivm


    Anyone have one of these? How do you like it? Just got one and havent set it up yet (no time). Looks kinda difficult but looks can be deciving. Any advice would be great. Thanks.