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  1. robn70

    Kessil Led pendent lights

  2. robn70

    Any good reading materials.

    Hi All, Any recommended books on keeping sea horses worth getting. I've been thinking of what to use my 38 gal tank for when i get everything moved into the 90. thanks, Rob
  3. robn70

    SW Virgina folks

    I was in Christensburg today and stopped at Zoo Aquatic. They are under new management and will be expanding their SW section. They have a grand reopening planned for 3/22.
  4. robn70

    Mag 7 part needed.

    Anyone have a dead Mag 7 that they are going to get rid of. I'm looking for the plasting housing that screws onto the front to hold the impeller assembly in the pump. It's the part with the input output hose connections. Mine's broken in the area of the impeller assembly rendering the pump...
  5. robn70

    Aqua Medic TC150

    Just wondering if anyone has used this chiller...Was thinking about purchasing one for my 38 gal.
  6. robn70

    CPR CY92 and MaxiJet Pumps

    Is is possable to upgrade the Rio 600rvt on the skimmer to a MaxiJet 900 or 1200 with the Venturi kit? I was thinking that it might be worth a try and if it doesn't work I will just have a spare pump for circulation. Thanks, Rob