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  1. Wisehart

    MarsAqua led 300w custom.

    I have two MarsAqua 300 watt l.e.d. over my 7ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium. I was getting algae growth and read somewhere that red light helps algae grow. So I replaced all of the reds with 10,000 Kelvin. The fixture on the left I also replaced 2 of the yellow white l.e.d.s with ultra violet or UV...
  2. Wisehart

    Added bulkheads to my tank

    Well I finally broke down the aquarium and added bulkheads to my tank. I believe it came out very well. The wife also painted a background. I did have a few casualties during the process, which really got me down but thanks to Pegasus I now understand why. I also have built the sump and refugium...
  3. Wisehart

    red hermit crabs eating snails

    Has anyone had their hermit crabs kill off their snails? They are not killing and hosting the shells. They are just ganging up and killing them and moving on.
  4. Wisehart

    live feeding, amphipods, copepodes

    First off where is or why do we not have threads on feeding? I was wondering if anyone has successfully kept amphipods or copepodes thriving for their fish to feed on? If so what breeds do you use and how did you establish them? I want my dragonet to be able to eat when ever he desires. Thanks
  5. Wisehart

    aquarium about to fall apart help

    I came home today hand this is what I see. It has bowed out 5/8". It is a 80 bow front. What can I do to bring it together? Thanks.
  6. Wisehart

    different types of algae. Good, bad?

    I have noticed a little algae here and there and watched it grow. I'm sure most of this is fine but being new to saltwater I just want to be sure. I went on vacation for 4 days and had someone feed the fish while gone. It seems the algae has flourished in that time. What types of algae are...
  7. Wisehart

    diy sump need your wisdom

    First off I have had this 80 gallon or 81 set up for about 3 months with great success. Everything seems to flourish in the tank and I believe everything is happy. I planned to build a 20 gallon sump until last night. I went out and bought a 50 gallon aquarium that is the same length as my 80...
  8. Wisehart

    Wanting a good glass cleaning snail.

    I have a huge snail or at least seems big to me. I am unsure what type of snail he is but he only moves around about once a week.[/URL][/IMG] Anyhow I am looking to buy a few snails that are a little more active and will clean the glass. My tank is 80 gallons if that helps any. Thanks
  9. Wisehart

    New to saltwater my setup thus far

    I setup a 80 gallon bow front tank about 2 months ago now and so far it has done pretty good. This is a whole new level when compared to freshwater, but I am loving it. Soon as I figure how to add pictures i will. Thanks for your interest