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  1. tonysi

    Caracanthus madagascariensis spotted croucher

    I recently picked up a bonded pair from the docs and I'm wondering if their is a way to tell which is male and female?
  2. tonysi

    Centropyge interruptus-japanese pygmy angel

    There is a lfs store near me that has one for sale for a nice price of 2240It's a nice looking fish,but it doesen't even have nice vivid colors like the ones I've seen online-plus online they're only like 1600 with way better coloring.
  3. tonysi

    Need an Id

    What is this behind the feather dusters?Is it aiptasia?
  4. tonysi

    New map puffer

    I just picked up a baby map puffer today.He is only 2 inches right now so I'm going to put him in a 65 gal grow out tank until he gets some size on him to go into my 375 with my other puffers.I have 1 question does any one know how fast of a grower they are?Cause I have a stars and stripes that...