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  1. vtecbro007

    does this setup look ok to you all?

    i would remove the crush coral ive heard bad things about them
  2. vtecbro007

    Short n Sweet

    i dunt no about the kent ive been hearing different things but as of right now im favoring asm but researching etss.
  3. vtecbro007

    Short n Sweet

    okay im going to get started on a 100-130 gal project with sump about 500 watts of mh n pc lighting all the primaries are set JUST SKIMMER someone with lots of experience please reccomend a skimmer ASM or euro reef or watever. juss give me ONE NAME! thanks again you guys
  4. vtecbro007

    I lucked out again...

    well the gay thing about copper is once its used its nearly impossible to remove i had copper in ma tank and after 8 months there was still traces in ma tank the slights bit kills of inverts
  5. vtecbro007

    UV Question

    i dont think so,...bump
  6. vtecbro007

    270 Full reef VIDEO update

    what an inspiring video i loved it ;) A++ is there any way you can list your equipment or video the under belly of that creation.
  7. vtecbro007

    Protein skimmer suggestions,..

    Yea i think i want to get the euro reef or ASM one of those.
  8. vtecbro007

    Protein skimmer suggestions,..

    Okay you guys i left the hobby about 8 months ago sold all ma equipment now i wanna get back into it with better stuff and im going all out mild reef with fish. im think about anywhere from 125 to 80 gal tank,...guessin about 300 watt heater,...a mag 9.5 for return from sump or wet/dry 3 maxi...
  9. vtecbro007

    Glass vs acrylic tank

    Its all about weight, appearence, and budget,........acrylic tanks tend to cost about 2x more than glass tanks,....appearence umm ive seen some old setup acrylic tanks were the acrylic has started to haze up i dunt no if this happens to everyone. I would go for glass in your situation because no...
  10. vtecbro007

    jebo skimmer don't work?? yeah right!!

    lol im a jebo freak,....UV, skimmer, and lighting, pleased!
  11. vtecbro007

    Ammonia in New Mixed Water ????

    that test kit always shows signs of ammonia like around .25 ive had it too
  12. vtecbro007

    Blue spot on blue tang

  13. vtecbro007

    Blue spot on blue tang

    the person i sold my tank to is picking it up today,...and i noticed a blue spot on my blue tang is this bad?
  14. vtecbro007

    Acyrlic on Glass.

    i have a glass 35 gall tank that i want to make into a fuge will acrylic attach to glass if so what do i need to accomplish this.
  15. vtecbro007

    JEBO tanks...any good?

    ive seen the same tank at ma LFS priced over a grand
  16. vtecbro007


    i would say yes but i think it depends on the person
  17. vtecbro007

    Custom Aquarium Controls

    same here
  18. vtecbro007


    your set with the filteration but i dont no about the critters
  19. vtecbro007

    I Get My Live Rock Today :)

    purple is always better
  20. vtecbro007

    first pics of my 55..let be know what you think...

    nice coraline growth