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  1. bacia

    Do Toadstools multiply on their own?

    I have a toadstool in a 75 and it is getting huge! I have heard you can cut pieces off of them but do they multiply on their own? Mine has what looks like baby toadstools growing under the top about half inch from where the polyps are. First I thought it was crazy polyps growing under the...
  2. bacia

    Can you tell be what this is?

    About 4 months ago a bought a tank, equipment, live rock and inhabitants from a person. They couldn't tell me what this creature is but I really like it. I dont think it's an anemone because I can't find a mouth. It has grown from a dime size to a bit bigger than a silver dollar size. Any...
  3. bacia

    Noisy overflow! How do you fix it?

    I have a 58 gallon tank with a built in overflow. The overflow is ALWAYS gurgaling (sp?)! The return pipe is a hard plastic mesh with a big sponge-type filter. I had the problem fixed by putting a valve on the end of the return hose and closing it a bit. This kept more water in the...
  4. bacia

    1 sump for 2 tanks - good idea?

    I have a 40 gallon tank that I thought I would set up to use as a sump/refuigum for two 75 gallon tanks. Is this a good idea or a bad one? Please explain. Any advice on how to do this? thanks.
  5. bacia

    What is that thing?

    I just found a wierd thing in my tank. I only noticed it because it looked like it was puffing smoke every 10 or so seconds for about a minute. It looked kind of like a very small snail without a shell. It is grayish, about 1/4 inch long, creeps like a snail and is rather flat. I have seen...
  6. bacia

    3 clowns + 3 anemonies = trouble

    I am a two month old beginner. I bought a 58 gal tank off ----. I drove 5.5 hours each way to get it. I had a 75 gal tank part way set up to put everything in when I got home. I put in some of the old "sand", added all the old water to the new in the 75, put in the live rock and the animals...