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  1. greenbananas87

    Back after a long hiatus.

    After 10yrs I am getting back into the saltwater game, and now that I am no longer on a high school/minimum wage budget I am expecting things to go much better this time around. So: after getting caught up on all the changes to the hobby, scouting the lfs scene, and figuring what my budget will...
  2. greenbananas87

    yay for me!

    a few days ago i got my long awaited clownfish (the reason i started my tank), during acclimation i turned the lights off blah blah blah then i scooped him out and put him in. before i went to bed i turned the light on so i wouldn't forget in the morning, and what do i see on my rock but what...
  3. greenbananas87

    berlin in 12g

    i was looking through filters at lfs and the Berlin Air-Lift 60 Internal Protein Skimmer looked like something that could possibly work in the back of my 12g nanocube. Can it? Will part of the lid need to be removed or can the water level be above the line on the skimmer?
  4. greenbananas87


    i noticed my hermits on what looked to be my peppermint shrimp so i believe my peppermint shrimp molted within the last couple of days but i was wondering if the empty shell would still have color (like the red pattern on the body, and legs) or if my shrimp wasn't hidden well enough afterwards...
  5. greenbananas87


    just got a 5g tank (not set up/ cycled yet) and am looking for fish suggestions to start planning, want something different yet personable. maybe a clown goby or another kind of goby.
  6. greenbananas87

    small clown

    i was at the lfs today and saw the coolest little clown the sign said it was "cinnamon clown- perfect for the nanocube" except it did not look like a cinnamon, it looked more like pictures of juvenile tomatoes ive seen, do the two look alike when small or was it mis-marked, and would it actually...
  7. greenbananas87

    peppermint shrimp

    just a few quick questions 1. are they nocturnal? 2. how do you feed them if they stay hidden? (well for now) 3. what do they eat just table-scraps from the fish, or do they prefer something else? 4. should enough iodine be present in the changed water (for molting) or is a supplement needed...
  8. greenbananas87


    After taking a look at my button polyps(?)(bought as an unattached frag on sat, also my first corals), i noticed that some were a whitish color while others on the same cluster were the brown they were in the store. Is there an explanation for this, are they in shock, what should i do for those...
  9. greenbananas87

    first corals

    so i got my first button polyps (???) today around 10 for $10, i thought it was a good deal (yes/no) i temperature acclimated them and put them in their place, anything else i should do?
  10. greenbananas87

    new fish for 12g

    k soon i will be returning my 2 damsels (they always stay hidden... and thats not cool) for something more personable and more colorful any suggestions. i was thinking one clown and then something else or if the clown will get big then just that? i have a 12g nanocube if that makes a difference...
  11. greenbananas87

    bring on the rubber

    has anyone seen the rubber replica (doesn't look like it's spelled right) anemones? i was looking at them the other day, any opinions on them?does anyone use/ have them?
  12. greenbananas87

    what now?

    im thinking of getting another kind of pet and im split so ill ask here for experiences with the two, so should i get a mouse/ hampster or a land hermit crab
  13. greenbananas87

    here it goes

    ok i have a few questions so here it goes: 1 i have a very thick green algea on my glass, what is it and how do i get rid of it? 2 i just got back from spring break (myrtle beach) and while i was there i found a few pieces of rock that i think would be nice in my tank, shoud i put them in, and...
  14. greenbananas87

    i saw a sign

    i saw a sign this weekend about boycotting ***** (petNO, was the slogan) anyone know why, or seen these on the roads?
  15. greenbananas87

    stocking a 12G

    what do you guy's think should I get: -a pair of perc clowns or... -a clown goby and something else (could I mix one green and one yellow), or... -any other suggestions (going into a 12g, with 8#lr for now), I would like two small fish but if that is not possible then one is fine -i've asked...
  16. greenbananas87

    what do ya think

    ~i asked this in my other thread but got no replies so i made it a thread of it's own please respond -i have a 25w heater that can't be submersed and if it fits could i put it in the empty space (where carbon was) in my wet dry filter (nanocube) -its plastic would the heat damage it -then when i...
  17. greenbananas87


    would a clown host in any soft coral or are their specific type of corals that clowns prefer (if anyone could list their experience with clowns/ corals)
  18. greenbananas87

    perc pair

    soon i will be getting a pair of clowns (percs) and was wondering add them at the same time or seperatly, and the cleanup crew, at the same as the first fish or a couple days later
  19. greenbananas87


    how do aiptasia "multiply" do they split, lay eggs, drop tenticals, what.
  20. greenbananas87


    i've been wondering how many on this site are from mi i have seen quite a few but it may be the same people.