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  1. aggiealum

    Who'd have thunk it - New Hampshire Home Of Bigoted Racists
  2. aggiealum

    The solution is simple, just don't fly
  3. aggiealum

    Of course humans have nothing to do with climate change

    Just ask Marco Rubio. I guess now he's added Climatologist and Environmental Scientist to his resume, along with his futile aspirations to become POTUS (Can a Cuban actually become a US President?)
  4. aggiealum

    So much for separation between church and state

    Naw, SCOTUS members don't vote along partisan ideologies... So Kennedy feels that if you don't like listening to a prayer, simply leave the room. No one should mind or feel insulted...
  5. aggiealum

    Great time to be in public schools in San Antonio

    My cousin called me tonight about a SCARE (this one does apply Darth) at her daughter's high school today. Seems some 17 year old kid decided to bring two handguns and some knives to school in his back pack, and hid an AK-47 in a bathroom before going to class. His parents woke up and saw he...
  6. aggiealum

    Which Picture is Scary To You?

    This one... Or this one?
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    So we pay higher prices for gas because oil companies are exporting excess crude overseas?

    So oil refineries have a glut of crude oil, and instead of producing more gas in the US to bring gas prices down, they export it to foreign companies for a bigger profit. This is one reason the Obama Administration put a hold on the Keystone Pipeline debacle. The majority of that oil coming...
  8. aggiealum

    Here's a computer "virus" you should REALLY be scared about
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    If Heaven is so great, why do people wait to get there?

    I had some religious zealot give me a dissertation on the merits of religion, why I should attend church, and most importantly, why I should believe in God. I countered his argument with "If Heaven is supposed to be the euphoric utopia where you want of nothing, never get sick, have a sense of...
  10. aggiealum

    An alternative for Obamacare?

    Just saw this story on 60 Minutes. These two nurse practitioners have been doing this for years, driving around in an old Winnebago providing free basic healthcare for those who can't afford to go to a doctor. They have doctors on-call that provide assistance, can fill out prescriptions, and...
  11. aggiealum

    Anyone tried Ooma?

    I've been on Vonage for years for my home phone service. Some say I'm behind the times, and most people just drop the home service altogether and get their calls on their cell phones. I've had the same home number for over 25 years, and most of my relatives and friends know that number if they...