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  1. midasblenn

    Lights for 180 Gal Reef.

    Thinking of upgrading to a 180 and wondering about lighting. Will probably stay with the lps and softies but might want a maxima clam. Will probably sell my 90 and use the VHOs from that since I have the Icecap 660 and solar 100 dimmer already. Also have an Aqua Logic chiller on it that I can...
  2. midasblenn

    Attaching powerheads to glass.

    Anyone have a better way of attaching powerheads to the side of your tank? I have 4 Maxijet powerheads in each of my tanks running on wavemakers but the suction cups are wearing out and I came home to a sandstorm today in my 90 Gal. I am happy with the locations of the powerheads so would like...
  3. midasblenn

    Parasites on my Purple Tang

    White specs on my purple tang in my 75 Gal. Pretty sure its some kind of parasite. My Blue in my 90 Gal had them when I first got him and LFS said to soak food in Garlic. Did so and they went away after 2 or 3 days. Have not returned and it has been a year. Tried that with my Purple for 3 days...
  4. midasblenn

    First 24 pack

    ictures of my 90 Gal reef and 75 Gal reef. No corals in the 75 yet but I hope to pick up a Torch this week! First the 90 Gal....
  5. midasblenn


    Ok, I need the word on setting up a fuge. I have everything else in place and tanks are looking good and very stable but I keep hearing that a "fuge" helps to control nitrAtes? Does it really help eliminate nitrAtes or does it just add water volume to your tank which is basically the same as...
  6. midasblenn

    Solar 1000 LW

    Have been reading up on the Solar 1000 LW controler/dimmer for use with Icecap VHO Ballasts. Anyone have one and if so, what do you think?