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  1. doc308

    Transfer bubble coral okay?

    I have a bubble coral which it was attached on when I bought it. I'd like to place it directly on another rock instead so that it can be the centerpiece of my tank. The problem is that the rock its on already can't very well be put directly on top of the rock where I want it. Is there any way to...
  2. doc308

    Very confused about lighting...HELP plz!

    All right, get ready to laugh at me. All I know about electricity is that you plug things in but not your fingers. Seriously. I have no clue about all this T5, metal halide, terminology or even how to go forward with upgrading. But I've been trying to read up on all this stuff. I have a 5 year...
  3. doc308

    How to frag snails?

    I'm having some difficulty and wanted to get everyone's input. I've enclosed some pics to help identify the problem. Please feel free to help if you can. I tried another board and didn't get much response so I thought I'd kick up the title a bit to stimulate some reads. Sorry everyone, just...
  4. doc308

    Will this work?

    BACKGROUND: 24g Nano 35 lbs live rock deep sand bed 1 clown, 1 yellow watchman goby, 5 assorted CUC snails water quality very stable normal for 7 weeks now PROBLEM: I've got quite a bit of bare spots on my reef and sand areas. Each rock I have in the tank is pretty much isolated from the others...
  5. doc308

    Zoa colony not attaching...

    i ordered a 20+ zoa colony frag and unfortunately, it did not come attached to a frag plug--it's just the zoa polyps. They are attached to what I assume is some sort of mat. With the shipping, they are all retracted and the edges have curled up so that I cannot lay it down without some of the...
  6. doc308

    problem with a zoa....????

    i ordered a 20+ zoa colony frag and unfortunately, it did not come attached to a frag plug--it's just the zoa polpys. They are attached to what I assume is the mat, but of course, with shipping, they are all retracted and curled up so that I cannot tell which side is up (resembles a large...
  7. doc308

    Which soft corals for my lighting?

    I'm looking to get some soft corals for my nano 24, but I'm not sure if my lighting is enough. Are there any soft corals you guys can recommend for 72 watts (20,000k)? My bulbs are the u-shaped 2-color fluorescent/actinic that came with the hood. Thanks!
  8. doc308

    Oxygenation of water?

    How do I know if my tank is getting enough oxygenation? I don't have a "bubbler" because I thought that was bad for the fish and live rock. But then I have read that proper water oxygenation is important and can be a problem if it's poor. So is a "bubbler" necessary? How do I know if my fish are...
  9. doc308

    Refugium in Nano cube?

    I have a nano 24 and have been reading about people setting up refugiums in the 2nd chamber of their nano cubes. I can easily remove the back wall black tape and set up lighting to accomodate all the chaeto it can hold. My main question is can the 2nd chamber hold enough chaeto to be effective...
  10. doc308

    Is my coralline dying? (pics)

    I have been going through a cycle recently after moving an existing tank. There are so many variables that if you have any questions I'll answer what I can. Here is my basic tank info: pH: 8.0 Temp: 74 F Calcium: 300 Carbonate Hardness: 3.4 Magnesium: 900 Nitrates: 60 (falling) Ammonia: .25 SG...
  11. doc308


    Does anyone have any general suggestions or tips for keeping a Haitian Pink Tip Anemone? We're thinking of getting one in the future after our tank seasons a bit, but wanted to do our research. Thanks!
  12. doc308

    Crab ate featherduster?

    I have an odd type of emerald crab that we just discovered in the tank this past weekend. I was suspicious because I kept hearing clicking noises at night. We recently got a small featherduster and it was doing well in our tank. However, last night the featherduster looks like it was torn to...
  13. doc308

    Reef questions

    I have a new nanocube 24 that I got from a friend a few weeks ago. I tried to leave everything in it as it was already well-established. Lots of coralline, live rock, peppermint shrimp, nessaria snails, a few tiny polyps, several tiny tubeworms (3-4 mm), tons of bristle worms, etc. Overall...