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  1. mandy111

    380g to 1000g !!

    hi Our 2yr old reef tank has sold And we are about 1 month away from delivery of our new build (sad in a way) Thought I would share New build 8.5 x 5 x 2.4 starfire peninsular 6 x 3.5 x 2 racetrack sump All corals & existing stock will be moved over once plumbed & scaped Very exciting
  2. mandy111

    380g mixed reef

    Hi. Been a while since posted New tank is 14 months old now Ticking along nicely. This video was taken at 8mntts of age Hope you enjoy
  3. mandy111

    New upgrade and build begins ! eeek

    Ok, I don't know why really, but I suppose the fish & corals need more room. The current tank has filled quickly. The fish are growing fast and we are selling corals right left and center to create room. We thought it would tank forever to fill this tank, but it appears we are slightly more...
  4. mandy111

    10 Months old today.

    Tank has the 10 month old mark today. Seems to be the sort of 'sweet spot"" time. Water is stable, uglies are over and corals seem to be coloring and growing really nicely. In particular the clams seem to be thriving, I am seeing new scallop growth on all the clams about every 7-8 weeks. Our...
  5. mandy111

    A POODLE in the tank ?

    hi, bit of fun really was taking some quick iphone shots of the tank the other night. Suddenly realized that the scape looks exactly like a poodle. fluffy ears, fluffy legs, nose ears and even eyes. Does your scape look like anything else
  6. mandy111

    30cm Ripley VS 3cm Strom

    Some days you sit and say, is this hobby worth it ? But most days we realize just how lucky we are seeing these amazing, fascinating creatures and the way the live. I was watching the tank the other day and saw this, I had to take a video as I watched to see how long it would take the 3cm stom...
  7. mandy111

    Opinions on De Bary 25w UV

    HI, wanting to know opinions on using a UV on a reef tank ? Very mixed opinions here in Aussie land. about 50/50 on running or not. Some say run 24/7 some say just when adding new fish ? Some say def dont ? Some say wouldn't live without running UV. Whats the thoughts over there on these...
  8. mandy111

    New addition today !

    Just found this giant sea cucumber. Loved his colours. Hoping he loves keeping my sand nice too ! He us about 28cm length and very fat indeedy.
  9. mandy111

    7 Foot peninsular sump !

    . Had a mysterious clear slime problem In sump. no one was able to identify. Didn't want it heading to DT So only answer is empty , vacumm & refill !
  10. mandy111

    Impossible to eradicate !!!

    When we upgraded we used 2 nicely shaped rocks we had purchased and were in the sump of the old tank for a few months before the move. This weed started growing, thinking the tangs would take care of it we didn't do anything about it, appears the Tangs don't care for it and its just now growing...
  11. mandy111

    Sick corals to healthy corals !

    Ok, so here in Aussie we pay a lot for corals. They are the most expensive thing we put in our tanks, so hubby and I have sort of got into the habit of buying sick looking corals, haggling the price down and taking our chances. In most cases it seem to work and they make a good recovery. We have...
  12. mandy111

    All new additions doing great !

    Here is a quick video of all our newbies doing well. All eating, no aggression and no ICH Purple tang showed spots for about 2 days, but all clear now. very happy indeedy. Only wish the powder blues had worked out, but it was not meant to be . They have both found great new homes, in tanks with...
  13. mandy111

    10 new fish today, phew all well so far.

    HI as most of you would know we took the plunge and followed the rule - add odd numbers of same family & add the altogether. So thats exactly what we did. Here is a quick video of all the new additions. The only existing fish in this tank are the coral beauty and little hippo tang. all the...
  14. mandy111

    Spot the fish ??

    Tank is moving onto 4 months old now, we are very happy with how its going, algae has gone, parameters are stable and good. Very happy with randy's recipe so far. But what missing in this picture, hmmm, no fish, a very bored cleaner wrasse and a 5cm blue tang loving all the space. Oh and of...
  15. mandy111

    My beautiful green spotted dragonets

    thought I would share this video of my bit fat boy and little girl sharing an evening meal.
  16. mandy111

    What the hell is this ?

    Watching TV last night. Hubby looks over to tank. & I hear "wtf". I look over and this is what we see. Was not there 5 mins ago. Cleared up about an hour later. Could any one please help I really was a little concerned. !
  17. mandy111

    Which is better. Wet or dry skim

    Seems to be very mixed opinions on if wet or dry skim works better. Which do you use & why ? What way do you think removes more crud from your tank ? How often do you clean skimmer head. / cup ?
  18. mandy111

    Picked up a few nice pieces today

    Picked up a few new pieces today, only been in tank an hour so hoping they will look better tomorrow. Love the clam, very different to our current one, also my first acan, will have to research that one as I am not familiar with them at all. This is our second elegance so we know that will be...
  19. mandy111

    Removing coraline algae

    Sorry. Didn't know where to post this. But I suppose could count as a tip. Story as follows. I am having a bad morning. Everything's going wrong. I am really busy so before lunch I just put my two tunze cleaner blades into vinegar to get rid if coraline algea all over them. Made myself a...
  20. mandy111

    7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Aussie peninsular build !

    hi all, As I am new to this forum I thought I would share a recent new build that got underway in Dec 2014, so now just over 2 months old. My husbnad & I had freshwater fish for about 18 months (loved it ) but walked into LFS saw our fist Tang (yellow) & was hooked. We didnt want to spend a...