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  1. ryanhayes9

    New 300g Predator Tank

    How coarse is the sand? It depends. I mean, having Crushed Coral is a definite no go, but some semi coarse sand might be alright...
  2. ryanhayes9

    Syphon not balancing need help

    So for the last 2 days my tank overflow and return pump have not been in sync. It seems that teh return pump is pushing more water back to teh tank faster then teh return can take down. I have never really had this problem in the past before, but it has proven to be a huge headache. I have to...
  3. ryanhayes9

    Good in Sump Skimmer?

    That's a nice skimmer for sure. I used to have a bit of a problem when the power would go out with my coralife, the water in the sumo would rise pretty high and when it came back on, the skimmer would have a fit. Overflowing all over the place. How high can the water get in the sump before that...
  4. ryanhayes9

    Stopping Return pump drain- Power outage

    I have heard that to stop this, you can drill a hole in the return tube. But I am not sure where to drill the hole exactly. I have an L shaped tube that hangs on the lip of my tank that pushes the water back in the tank from the return pump. When the power goes out, it starts to syphon a lot of...
  5. ryanhayes9

    Good in Sump Skimmer?

    Its a 150, not heavily stocked. I would say about midrange.
  6. ryanhayes9

    Good in Sump Skimmer?

    To make a long story short, my coralife skimmer has finally crapped out and I am looking to purchase a new one. I was hoping someone here would be able to suggest a good in sump skimmer? Thanks
  7. ryanhayes9

    150G Stock List - Returning to hobby need some help

    nice! Yeah I really liked the porkfish, I was hoping that I would be able to get one after all. Hopefully the list is set then. 1 Emperor Angelfish 1 Dogface Puffer 1 Pinktail Triggerfish 1 Blueline Grouper 1 Porkfish
  8. ryanhayes9

    150G Stock List - Returning to hobby need some help

    Yeah the Tusk is not a bad choice. I might have to add him to the list! I think that the sump will be 75G. I have a Coralife 125 Skimmer which I will need to upgrade when I get more fish, as it is undersized for the tank. There will also be a refugium and a UV sterilizer rated for up to 300G...
  9. ryanhayes9

    150G Stock List - Returning to hobby need some help

    Thanks for the reply! I really like some of the fish you suggested. Especially the blueline grouper and Pinktail Trigger. I understand what you are saying about the Trigger that I wanted and decided to cut him from the list. I ended up revising my fish list and here is the most current list. 1...
  10. ryanhayes9

    150G Stock List - Returning to hobby need some help

    So I have been away from the salt water aquarium hobby for a few years now, but recently have come across a 150G tank with stand and hood for very cheap. Therefor, I have decided to make it another Saltwater setup. I know about cycling, RO/DI filtration, Salinity and chemical levels as I used to...
  11. ryanhayes9

    Reptile ppl!

    Ive got an Argus Monitor, hes 3 months old and 24.5" maybe I can find some pics
  12. ryanhayes9

    A Very Helpful H1N1 Site

    Originally Posted by PEZenfuego Check out this website. I like it. I don't understand in the least how this is funny...
  13. ryanhayes9

    Any Altima owners out there?

    Yeah I agree Aw2x3, they are very nice looking. I have looked into the g35 and can honestly say that the ones around 15k have about 90000 miles on them. If possible, I would like to find something with a bit less mileage.
  14. ryanhayes9

    Any Altima owners out there?

    Thats good to know. I am in the price range of 12-14k and am hoping to find a 2007 or later. the 3.5 would be nice, but I would definitly settle for the 2.5. Much appreciated
  15. ryanhayes9

    Any Altima owners out there?

    I am looking into purchasing a new car and the Nissan Altima has really caught my eye. I like the "sportish" look it has while still handling and feeling like a luxury car. I am looking at the 2006 or later models and would prefer the 3.5 to the 2.5. Basically I am wondering if there are any...
  16. ryanhayes9

    Live rock

    Honestly youd probably be better off buying all base rock then. You can get it much cheaper then live rock, seeing as leaving the live rock out to dry just makes it base rock...
  17. ryanhayes9

    Adding extra bubbles to skimmer?

    depends on what kind of skimmer you are using. honestly if you are going to invest $150 or more in a good skimmer (which you should) theres reall no reason to. It will do its job. I know there are some cheap skimmers out there that are driven by airstones, which you should avoid at all costs
  18. ryanhayes9

    Live rock

    so you are going to let the live rock soak in freshwater after you let it dry out?
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    Originally Posted by nycbob 1.022-1.025. Yep. Most people run theres at 1.021 to 1.026
  20. ryanhayes9

    Is Egg crate a bad Idea to place under the sand?

    Just a quick thought to throw out there, when I had eggcrate under my sand, I had heard that it is hurtful to creatures that live in the sand. Like a sand sifting starfish or a conch. When I heard this I had to remove all the eggcrate from my tank about a year into its life. Just throwing that...