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  1. tax lady

    24 gallon aquapod & skimmer

    Don't know if I canpost something for sale here or not. If not please put this where it belongs...thanks, * Edit post * Delete post * Report this post * Reply with quote 24 gallon aquapod & skimmer Postby SRB » Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:28 pm 24 gallon aquapod and skimmer. see it here. good strong...
  2. tax lady

    where to post "How much is something worth"

    Don'tknow where to post this. I have a pair of clowns that have bred once that I saw. Want to know how much I should ask fo to sell them. Please advise.
  3. tax lady

    need help with tank

    Well,long time since posting. I am at my wits end. I need someone that can come over to look at my tank. I live in SantaRosa Beach Fl. between destin & panama cit . I have broken my arm , am on oxygen and can't get anything done. tank is a mess and need you to look a it, test it and see...
  4. tax lady

    need id of spider web like stuff

    I have stuff that looks somewhat like spider webs and just plain old dust in my tank. It has spread like mad. Soemone said it may be worms, but I don't see any worms. My camera died so can't take pic, but if someone will tell me what they think it may be I can google it and see. It is...
  5. tax lady

    Spider web like stuff all over

    My tank has spider web stuff all over. Actually it is not long and stringy, mostly short, and dust like all over even on the filter, like it is covered in dust. What could be causing this? Thanks for any info on this.
  6. tax lady

    how to set up a skimmer for ap24

    I mentioned this in another thread but did not get any answers. Purchased a skimmer for my aquapod 24 gallon tank. I cannot get it to fit. First took out the sponges then put the skimmer in. it is about 3/4 inch too tall for the hood to close. anyone have any answers?
  7. tax lady

    live rock in back of tank

    A lot of you suggest to put live rock rubble in the back compartment of the all in one tanks. My question is : what if algae forms on it, and you can't see it , so what happens? Also finally got my skimmer for my 24 aquapod but can't figure how to put it in. Anybody has one running...its a...
  8. tax lady

    Do I have eggs?

    think I see some eggs from my clowns but not sure. The male is hovering there. It may be eggs, but can't see really good. thought I would blow with baster and if its sand it will scatter. But don't know if it will scatter if they are eggs. Can soemone tell me if the eggs attach of just are...
  9. tax lady

    Bubbles on my new lr, what to do.?

    got bubbles on my new pieces of lr . Also a purpleish and some greenish color on there. First thought it was starting of coraline..but no. What to do?? My tank is a disaster anyway, but now this... will get my params in a minute.
  10. tax lady

    Can I break up a large lr?

    I got 2 lg lr from lfs, but I can't position them where they look good. One is just too big and can't do anything with it. Would it be ok to break it with hammer, or would that cause some of the life in rock to damage? Any opinions would be appreciated.
  11. tax lady

    got my refractometer/help me with it

    o.k., as per everyones suggestions I finally got a refractometer. If i did it correctly it measured 1.020 on the left side and 30 on the right side. In the meantime, have lost lots of stuff. My long tenacle polip and frogspawn fially hit the bucket. Can/t believe it but my olive snail...
  12. tax lady

    Brain prob dead..

    Guess my open brain coral is gone. He is white around the edges and mouth open. don't see any tentacles anymore. Should I throw him out or is there still a chance. I have had many issues which is posted in a thread under diseases. thanks for the inof.
  13. tax lady

    what is happening to of star & open brain

    Had a thread going in reef (I think) about my Serpent star losing parts of his one has responded with an answer. now today he died along with an emerald crab and cleaner shrimp. The pic above also shows a sifting star with legs deteriorating also, and an open brain that has a mouth open...
  14. tax lady

    something ate my feather and 2 parts of serpents legs

    Don't know what..need some ideas. My feather from featherduster is gone. Yesterday was partially gone. The worm almost came all the way out of his shell. Never seen that before. And my serpent star has part o f 2 of his legs cut. I found one part =was almost an inch long. Just like...
  15. tax lady

    What types of test kits to get

    Have a 34 gal aquapod w/ mostly soft corals, a few hard, lr,inverts, clowns, goby. I have the normal tests, but have heard a few other mentioned here and there. Cn someone give me a list of the one I should have. On of my main probs is I can't seem to keep any pep shrimp , some crabs,& snails...
  16. tax lady

    Jelly like bubble growing on frogspawn

    My frogspawn keeps getting a jelly like bubble in it. Just as big as the actual coral. Leaves the tenacles just around the sides. Then next time I see it it looks normal again. NOt getting bigger though. Anyone tell me what is happening here. The same thing happened to a new acan I had. On...
  17. tax lady

    Diamond Goby cleaned my sand good.

    I bought a Diamond Goby about 2 weeks ago. It was fantastic for cleaning my sand.,,,but now I can't find my olive snail that lived under the sand, and no sign of pep shrimp last few days. Is it possible that the goby could have disturbed the snail so much that it died? As for the shrimp, can't...
  18. tax lady

    Is this Aipiasi??? CAme in like overnight...Help

    Is this Aipiasi? Please see the photos at this site. Not very good cause bad camera,,,but the only one I have. If it is Aipiasi don't know what I am gonna do cause I have pep. shrimp that would eat nudibranches... Can you help. nitrates 5-10...
  19. tax lady

    Can't find my starfish, think its a serpant star

    Can't find my starfish. I can't read what the name of it is, but it is brown and smooth and long legs. Matt said it is a meat eater. Exchanged him for the green brittle star that was eating some of my inhabitants in tank. He just today could not be found. Had a sally lightfoot and emerald crab...
  20. tax lady

    Anyone explain why black hair algae growing.

    Maybe I am feeding too much, but I have never heard of black hair algae. It is just starting to grow in a few spots in my: 24 gallon Aquapod temp 78-80 1.024 ph 8.5 nitrite 0 nitrate 0 ammonia 0 Can't figure how I downloaded the pic before, so no pic, but its just a few fuzzy spots of algae...