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  1. mrme123

    Leather coral. (Devils hand)

    Just put a leather in my tank and my blue hippo keeps rubbing against it. Is this normal? I don’t believe it has ich as it doesn’t do it against anything else. Just started doing that right after I added it to the tank.
  2. mrme123


    Any idea what this white thing is? Is just popped up in my tank the towel day and it’s attached to the overflow box
  3. mrme123

    Reef capable LED

    Any thoughts on what lights to get? One of my led lights doesn’t seem as bright as it used to be. May be time to get new. What led lights are good?
  4. mrme123

    Snowflake moray eel

    I am looking to get a snowflake moray eel in my tank as my little boy is fascinated with them. Any tips or information about them? I’ve been reading and trying to learn about them before I decide to do it. The local fish store guy said the corals will be safe with him in the tank.
  5. mrme123

    Tank cycle

    My tank has been cycling for 14 days. Ammonia went way up and it’s starting to drop. It’s at .25, maybe a little less now. Nitrates are obviously high at this point. Should I do a water change before the ammonia hits 0? Or wait?
  6. mrme123


    Just set up my tank and this popped out of my live rock. This a worm?
  7. mrme123

    bubble tip anemone

    I jut bought my first anemone to add to my tank. It is currently floating in the bag. After I get it ready to add to the tank how do I go abou doing this? Do I drop it in as I would a fish? Or do I place it in the tank with my hand?
  8. mrme123


    I just bought a wrasse from my LFS this is the first one I have had. (just got my tank set back up after two years, finally have a place big enough for my tank agan.) This is the second day I havehad him and he is still burrowed under the sand. I saw his mouth sticking out early this morning but...
  9. mrme123


    I have a quick question. I have been looking at some different lion fish, but I do not know alot about them. I don't want to get one if it will eat my other fish. I have a 150gal with 1 blue hippo tang, 2 clown fish, 1 yellow tang, 1 Koran angle, and a little sand shifter. Will they be ok?
  10. mrme123

    150 gal cleaning

    Its me again thanks for all your help so far. I started switching my fish over from my 55gal to my 150 gal. Now that I have a sand bed I was told not to vacum it. I do have a predrilled tank with a sump. My next question is, since I do not vacum the sand do I still do water changes? Or do I just...
  11. mrme123

    My new 150

    I am still in the process of switching over from my 55 to my 150. I have a sand bed instead of crushed coral. I was just woundering, do i vacum my sand bed just like I did my crushed coral? if not what do I do to clean it?
  12. mrme123


    I got a 150 gallon, I have had it running with about 120 pounds of sand in it for about 3 months. Is that enough live sand or do i need more?
  13. mrme123

    tank Setup

    I currently have a 55 gal, and i am upgrading to a 150 gal predrilled. I have my sump set up and and added about about 100 pounds of live sand to it. I have had it cycling for about 2 months. My question is can i add playsand to it and mix it up, and still be ready to transfer my stock over? I...
  14. mrme123

    A few questions

    I just upgraded to a 150gal from a 55. it is predrilled and I got the sump set up now. I still have to buy sand. The LFS guy told me with the filter I have that all I have to do is add water. Is this true? He said to stir the sand up a little and it will filter it out. I don't know if that...
  15. mrme123


    I just got my 150gal, predrilled. I set it up today. I had trouble finding the stuff i needed. I ended up buying the only flex hose I could find for the drain to my sump. I attached it with a little conecter piece. The hose does not have a flat serface on it, so the water leakes out around the...
  16. mrme123

    150 gal

    I just bought a 150 gal from my lfs. Got a good proce, got the tank stang overflow box predrilled for $700. I currently have a 55 gal. How do i transfer my fish over? I wanted to set it up in the same spot, but I don't think there is anyway to get the 150 ready and move the 55. What do I need to...
  17. mrme123

    Sea Betta

    I just bought a sea betta yesterday. My tank is about 2 years old. I have a blue hippo tang, a koran angle fish and a clown fish. I added him to the tank and he keeps hiding. Only swims a few inches away from the live rock and hides again. The fish store was feeding him freeze dried krill so I...
  18. mrme123


    I bought a Bursa Trigger, he is doing ok, but makeing my tank look nasty, it looks like he is picking at everything and shifting it through his gills, now my tank is foggy, how do I keep it clear with him in it
  19. mrme123

    Bursa Trigger

    Can anyone give me any kind of info on a Burse trigger, will it kill my other fish? I have a Clown fish, Damsel, Blue hipp0, and a koran Angle fish
  20. mrme123

    Bursa Trigger

    Can anyone give me any kind of info on a Burse trigger, will it kill my other fish? I have a Clown fish, Damsel, Blue hipp0, and a koran Angle fish