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  1. deon nyc

    Hatian Anemone

    I have an Hatian Anemone and it keeps moving under rocks and not getting light then falls to the floor and i have to put it back into the light. it will stay their for about 3-4 weeks then move away from the light. is this a normal thing that they do becasue the rest of my anemone dont move and...
  2. deon nyc

    Snails not moving

    For the pass 48hrs my snails all have not come ony of their shells only 4are moving anyone have any ideas. their are 4 different kind of snauls in the tank and one of each is moving the rest have not even moved
  3. deon nyc

    Dead Goby

    ok i left for work this morning and everyone was alive and fine. i walked in the door a few min ago and my goby is dead and myu urchent is loosing some of his quils. can anyanyone help me. i did a water change saturday and i added a powerhead at the same time. and the goby could not get into the...
  4. deon nyc

    False Percula Clownfish

    I have a False Percula Clownfish already for about 6months. i would like to get another one but the LFS have ones that are half the one i have size. if i was to get a smaller one would it be a problem.
  5. deon nyc

    Back up power

    ok guys we all have tanks some are 20gal some are 500gal my question is. In case of power outage what kind of back up power do u guy have. and if u dont mind how much does it cost?
  6. deon nyc

    how to acc coral

    ok guys i have had my tank for 2years. i normally drip acc everything i get. i am thinking about coral for the first time how do i acc a coral. can someone ou guys help me with some of your ways.
  7. deon nyc

    $3.99 lb for live rock

    if anyone is in the New York are in Queens on the cornor of Francis Lewis Blvd and Northern Blvd the Fish store has cured live rock for $3.99
  8. deon nyc

    UV Sterilizer

    ok guys this has been bothering me for a while. i have read a few places about uv sterilizer. some say it is a good thing becasue it cleans and keep the water clean. others say it is bad becasue it also takes out the good bacteria the system needs. so what do u guy think and y.
  9. deon nyc

    HELP lost tang

    i added a yello tang to my tank about 2 weeks and i have not seen it for the last 24hrs. can someone inform me of a behavior that i do not know about or did he end us as luch for his tank mates.
  10. deon nyc

    Sea horses

    Thanks to all who read and help me with this. I have a salt water tank for about 2 years. my wife and I always wanted a sea horse tank. but i dont know where to start i have a 10gal tank but i dont know what kind of equiptment i can use for such a small tank. the filteration system, lighting...
  11. deon nyc

    Bristle Worms

    Hi my name is Deon. I have been shopping with for the past year and all their products is great. my problem is i found 2 bristle worms in my tank tonight and i cant get them out they are about 1/2 in long. i cant grab them with any tools and they dont leave the saftey of their...