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  1. ryanhayes9

    Syphon not balancing need help

    So for the last 2 days my tank overflow and return pump have not been in sync. It seems that teh return pump is pushing more water back to teh tank faster then teh return can take down. I have never really had this problem in the past before, but it has proven to be a huge headache. I have to...
  2. ryanhayes9

    Stopping Return pump drain- Power outage

    I have heard that to stop this, you can drill a hole in the return tube. But I am not sure where to drill the hole exactly. I have an L shaped tube that hangs on the lip of my tank that pushes the water back in the tank from the return pump. When the power goes out, it starts to syphon a lot of...
  3. ryanhayes9

    Good in Sump Skimmer?

    To make a long story short, my coralife skimmer has finally crapped out and I am looking to purchase a new one. I was hoping someone here would be able to suggest a good in sump skimmer? Thanks
  4. ryanhayes9

    150G Stock List - Returning to hobby need some help

    So I have been away from the salt water aquarium hobby for a few years now, but recently have come across a 150G tank with stand and hood for very cheap. Therefor, I have decided to make it another Saltwater setup. I know about cycling, RO/DI filtration, Salinity and chemical levels as I used to...
  5. ryanhayes9

    Any Altima owners out there?

    I am looking into purchasing a new car and the Nissan Altima has really caught my eye. I like the "sportish" look it has while still handling and feeling like a luxury car. I am looking at the 2006 or later models and would prefer the 3.5 to the 2.5. Basically I am wondering if there are any...
  6. ryanhayes9

    Freshwater planted tank lighting question

    Hi, I have like a 55 gallon hex tank that Im making a plated tank. I am thinking of purchasing a coralife 150 watt metal halide lamp from someone. It comes with a 15k bulb, would that be the right K or what would I want?
  7. ryanhayes9

    WTB 24" lighting

    Looking to buy 24" PC,t5 or a metal halide clamp lamp or pendant that hangs for my planted tank. Needs to be atleast 130 watts for PCs or 150 watts for Metal halide.
  8. ryanhayes9

    Im back!! New tank, New Stock List Opinions Please

    So after a long absence from the boards and a tank crash I have decided tor eturn to the boards. I had a total tank crash of my 75 gallon 6 months ago, found out that it was the LFS RO water they were selling to me, it had a reading for 300 on my TDS meter and I had been using it for 6 months or...
  9. ryanhayes9

    White eye moray stop eating

    I have a white eye mopray thats 2 feet long, around 3 months ago he stopped eating and will take like a piece every 3 wekks ro so. I know they can go uup to 6 months without eating but is there sometime i should be doing or does anyone have any info on this? he has also developed some patching...
  10. ryanhayes9

    WTB blastomussa

    I want to try my hand at keeping blastos. If anyone ahs some frags for same please post them here with a picture and price, thanks
  11. ryanhayes9

    anybody gotten a sick fish?

    I am thyinking about ordering a pair of clownfish from this website but I am not sure if a quarentine is required. has anyone ever recieved a fish from SWF that has been sick? or does anyone know if they quarentine there fish? ty
  12. ryanhayes9

    Which needs more lighting?

    a green carpet anemone or a monti digi? a green carpet anemone or a monti cap? a green carpet anemone or a millipora? a green carpet anemone or a acropora? a crocea clam or a millipora? I am trying tyo figure out if i have enough light output for SPS corals. i have 4x54 watt ho t5 indiv...
  13. ryanhayes9

    WooHoo! He eats!

    i took my powder blue tang thats around 5.5 inches out of quaarentine last week. he is now EATING in the main tank! For people who do not know, that is very rare because this fish are very difficult to keep and dont ship well. If you do find one that looks good its still hard to get them to eat...
  14. ryanhayes9

    lets see those powde blue's!

    I just got mine out of quarentine! He is show size, around 5.5 inches and i got him for 55 bucks! Eats like a beast too! so lets see em!
  15. ryanhayes9

    wtb phosphate reactor setup

    please let me know
  16. ryanhayes9

    Cingular cancelation(sp?) fee!!

    cingular is really screwing us over right now. i guess 8 years means nothing huh? I want to switch providers but cingular has a 175 dollar cancellation fee per line. Is there a way around this?
  17. ryanhayes9

    Painted Anthias Pairing! Murph?

    I am about to order a painted anthias. Can i pair one male and one female or do i NEED 3 females to 1 male? Is there any info on them, i cant really find any, also what they eat and experiences with them, thanks
  18. ryanhayes9

    Is this a goldentail eel? what Kind?

    what kind of eel?
  19. ryanhayes9

    what kind of eel is it?

  20. ryanhayes9

    twin spot wrasse for trade

    Have a twin spot wrasse for trade! Getting a little too big for my tank Looking for sps corals or equipment but try me with other things also. around 4 inches. he goes for 100 dollars on this site