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  1. constantne

    Help me get my zoas color back!

    I bought these two months back and this is what they looked like at first. This is what they look like now. I really like how they looked when I first got them. Do you think they need more or less light? Does flow have anything to do with it? My fixture is a 150w 10k bulb with T5 actinics...
  2. constantne

    70W Metal Halide Sunpod (Union, NJ)

    This fixture comes with the mounting legs and the glass top for the 12g aquapod if you need it. It is 16.5 inches long but the legs may be able to go another inch out. There are 4 blue and 4 white moonlights as well. The bulb is 14k and has a little over 7 months on it. Everything is in working...
  3. constantne

    calfo overflow questions

    I'm building a 30 x 15 x 13 tank and need to decide on an overflow. What's the minimal size the calfo can be? Also, I don't mind it spanning across the length of the tank but rather not. What size and how many bulkheads would you suggest? Any other overflows that would be clean and look nice...
  4. constantne

    External overflow questions

    So I took apart a 40G breeder and had the pieces cut and beveled. I plan on making a 25g rimless tank, much like a 20G long just a bit deeper from front to back. I want an external overflow but dont know anything about overflows. I attached two pictures of my ideas. What im worried about is...
  5. constantne

    anyone running a 20k bulb on a 70W sunpod

    Right now I have the stock 14k bulb and im thinking of trying out a 20k bulb. If anyone has had experience with this and/or has pictures I would appreciate it. Also, names of bulbs would help too.
  6. constantne

    Are SPS under a 70W sunpod fine?

    Right now I have a birdsnest frag on the top half of my tank which seems to be doing great. I mean growth isnt the best but its growing and its polyps seem to be out. I just got a tyree birdsnest and im wondering if placing it in the middle of the tank if that would be enough light for it. Thanks
  7. constantne

    Have a 12G with sunpod but want actinics!

    I use to have an actinic bulb with the stock hood i got with my aquapod. Now with the sunpod I miss it (definately not power compacts) . Is there anyway to add something to give me that effect back?
  8. constantne

    CONSTANTNE's 12G Mixed Reef

    This is my first saltwater tank which I started last June. I purchased a 12G aquapod with Power compacts. Heres a list of mods I have done: Covered bottom and middle intakes Added a hydor flo Changed pump to maxi-jet 900 Added chaeto and submersible LED to second chamber Added a second pump...
  9. constantne

    BIG Problem! Poured some tester chemicals into my 12G!

    After i finish a test i pour it into an old gallon container. Well today I didnt evne look at it and though it was distilled water and poured some in my tank! After that I did a 2G water change. What else can I do? Im running chemi-pure elite. Thanks
  10. constantne

    Is stacking LR on the back wall of aquapod a good idea?

    So im thinking of changing my aquascape and would like the most room in the front. Is there any bad reasoning why i shouldnt stack the Live rock on the back wall of my aquapod? Im thinking it would also make my fish and inverts be in the front of the tank more often too.
  11. constantne

    Pick my next fish! Need help

    I currently have a cleaner shrimp and clown in my 12g aquapod. I also plan on adding a pom pom crab as well. I dont know which other fish to add next. If my clown with be happier/more active with another i may do that. If not then i want something else since i can pretty much only have 2...
  12. constantne

    Pick my next fish! Need help

    I currently have a cleaner shrimp and clown in my 12g aquapod. I do plan on adding a pom pom crab as well. I dont know which other fish to add next.
  13. constantne

    Problems with my clown

    I bought a clown a week ago and everything seemed fine. Now its orange color is fading and getting really dark and it seems to have its mouth open all the time. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. constantne

    Seems like my clowns color is fading

    I bought my clown about a week ago and ever since it seems like his orange is becoming darker. Could it be the food im feeding him because ill change it if thats the case. It mostly seems like the top half of his body. I will post pics if anyone needs them.