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  1. jsab

    chemistry help needed

    I am having trouble with my dKH value. Been trying to raise the number (1.2) for a few days with little to no results. How much buffer is too much? I am dosing with the Kent pro buffer as directed on back 10 mls per 40 gallons. Tank is 125. Been up a year. pH value by pH probe is 8.27...
  2. jsab

    help identify

    I received this chili coral from in the mail and got this extra gift on the rock. I don't know what it is. It started coming out in a couple of days and now each frawn is pulsating. What are the lighting requirements since the chili is no-light? What do I feed and how often? TIA.
  3. jsab

    refugium question

    My tank has been established for about two months with a fluval 404 and nitrates in the 10-20ppm range. I am considering removing it and using a refugium which from what I have read is much much better. My question is, since the tank isn't drilled, I'm not sure about the water flow out of the...
  4. jsab


    I need some advice. I have a 55g non drilled tank. Been running for 9 weeks. Went slow at first like I should. I placed about a two inch live sand bed. Placed about 50 pounds of live rock. Bought a clown the second week. Next week bought a six-line wrasse. Two weeks later placed a...
  5. jsab

    trimming my feather duster?

    I bought a nice dwarf yellow feather duster from lfs yesterday, only to see it doesn't come out of its tube very well. Can I trim the ends of the tube so it can come out fully instead of only coming out on the side? I haven't tried yet, just wanted to get some opinions. TIA
  6. jsab

    skimmer on a timer?

    I was wondering what you thought about placing my skimmer on a timer. I thought since I was adding calcium and phytoplankton to my tank during the day, it would give the corals some time to extract them. I guess my question is would it hurt to only run it at night when the light is off. And...
  7. jsab

    help with ID please!

    Purchased this coral at my LFS last week and can't remember the name, and it's not on the receipt! During daylight it's tentacles extend 2-3 inches and are yellowish, and in the dark it retracts completely and is a green ball. Included a pic of my 55 gallon tank for perspective, it is on the...
  8. jsab

    how many?

    I have a 55 gallon tank. How many crabs/snails do I need, total? Of each? TIA!