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  1. inkman2004

    New 12g NC

    I just started my first nano tank today. I used to have a 55g and a 75g sw set up. I had stopped aquariums after a disasterous move to my new house. That was about 3 yrs ago. I am pumped, cant wait to get my clean up crew in there. I will post pics tommorow.
  2. inkman2004

    Starfish good???

    I found this starfish about a week ago and now I have about five of them. Are they good? Or should I get them out. Thank you,
  3. inkman2004

    THomas is my Anemone doomed?

    I have had my bubble tip anemone for a while now and everything was looking good. Then all of the tentacles started to look disfigured and bent in funky directions. Now I have noticed some metalic looking bubbles moving around inside of them. Almost looks like a b.b. rolling around. Anyone...
  4. inkman2004

    Feather Dusters

    Quick question about feather dusters. I was about to go out and buy a large one but last night I looked in my tank and saw about 6 tiny ones in there. Do they grow very quickly? Also I have hundreds of small clear worms in my tank and they are constantly scrounging around pulling up sand...
  5. inkman2004

    Red slime

    Well I had been away for a few days and when I returned I have quite a large growth of red slime. Anyone have any luck removing it? I figured I would show you why I was away. She is 9 days old now and already rotten!!!
  6. inkman2004

    ID Please

    Can anyone ID these polyps. I have had them about a month, and just didn't know the exact name ( neither did the LFS)
  7. inkman2004

    Just a few pics

    Just thought I would share some pics. I finally figured out my camera.
  8. inkman2004

    Stupid Question( LIGHTS )

    I know this is a stupid question, but I have to ask. I have been getting confused by other peoples comments. A few months ago I purchased a Satellite lighting assembly 4x65 dual daylight dual actinic with moon lights. Each lamp actually has two bulbs with one connector for each set. Does...
  9. inkman2004

    Is this a mushroom growin

    This looks like a mushroom to me starting to grow, but is kind of flat to me. It came on some LR I purchased recently.
  10. inkman2004

    Updated pics on my bubble tip anemone

    These are just a few updated pics. He has not grown a bunch, but his colors are great to me. People were saying that it was a morph. Let me know what you think.
  11. inkman2004

    coraline algea

    I was just wanting to know how long should it take coraline algea to grow on your LR. I have about 80 lbs in a 55 gall. tank and I am currently running 265 w lighting. I supplement with calcium daily. What specs do I need to concentrate on for optimum coraline? Thanks, Chad
  12. inkman2004

    cant see any pics

    Is anyone else having problems seeing pics in the post? If so does anyone know how to fix the problem? :confused:
  13. inkman2004

    Bubble anemones

    I went to my dreadfull lfs today looking for an anemone. Usually their stock is horrible so you have to make sure you get there when they receive their shipments or the corals and inverts are bleached within a week. I got there and saw two small bubble anemone and they wanted 40 bucks for it...
  14. inkman2004


    I have had my saltwater tank for a while now and was just wondering what corals do not require heavy lighting to survive. I don't really want to put metal halides on a 55 gall tank. Any suggestion?
  15. inkman2004

    My clowns are finally hosting!!!!!!

    Well I had given up. I've had my Anemone for about 2 months and my clowns wouldn't get close to it. I came home from work today and they were playing around in it. The only time they have left it since was diner time.
  16. inkman2004

    How does my yellow tang look.

    I was just looking for some help. I feed my yellow tang algea sheets daily but he looks like other fish on the site and everyone says they are too skinny. So if he is what else can I feed him?