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  1. saltylakes

    looking for VHO

    looking for VHO set up. i need 2-3 bulbs
  2. saltylakes

    pom pom xenia for trade

    hello i have some really nice and fat pom pom xenia for trade. i am looking for ricordia, colorful acros, zoos... i have alot and i am in miami thanks and if you want to email me directly at
  3. saltylakes

    ligts for sale

    hello everyone i am selling 2 sets of power compacts 96 watts each bulb. the lights are three months old and the set up is 3 years old. i want 250 for both set ups. i am willing to ship. i am in miami. thanks please email me at
  4. saltylakes

    selling tank

    Hello everyone, i am upgrading my tank and i am selling a few things: i want to sell locally: 1. set of 96 watt Power compact lighting with balast 2. another set of 96 watt Power compact lighting with balast 3. 55 gallon tank 4. pine stand paint antique brown. (PERFECT SHAPE) 5. Pine canopy...
  5. saltylakes

    miami tank/corals for sale

    hello everyone, I am selling my tank which is 75 gallons. The prices are for the HARDWARE: for the tank $50 2 metal halides Iwaski 250 watts Dual Ballast $250 Pine hood and stand $150 A set of 96 Watt Power Compacts $100 1 wet dry that can be used up to 250 gallon tank: $100 Skimmer: Sea Life...
  6. saltylakes


    i have a beautiful hot orange yuma and green and yellow zoos that i have never seen before. i am looknig to trade for exotic colored yumas and zoos. send me an email
  7. saltylakes

    bang guy

    i have some frags thats that i need to send you. please email me at i need your address. thanks
  8. saltylakes

    bang guy

    hello it has been some time, i hope that you and everyone on this board is doing well. i have to send you a package whenever you get a chance to send me an email at: please send me your address when you get a chance so that i can send you some frags that i have grown out. thanks
  9. saltylakes


    i am looking to trade for zoos. i have alot to trade. i am looking for colorful rare zoos. thanks emil me at
  10. saltylakes

    what happened to the coraline thread?

    Sharks, I would like an answer to why the thread was deleted? I was exposing a person who is a fraud and has taken me for a significant amount of money. Besides regaining my money, I wanted to make sure that this thief didn't resume is untrusting behavior and that everyone was aware of his...
  11. saltylakes


    the only time that DIS has responded and made an effort to pay me is when i lowered myself to his childish behavior. YALL CUBANS are so funny????????
  12. saltylakes


    How is everything going? Did you go to the meeting this week? what did you get ? have you found any colorful zoos? would you be interested in visiting the guy from logoical
  13. saltylakes

    Thanks Guy

    Guy everything got here great!!!!!!!!!! I will be spending out your pieces either monday or thursday. The only thing seems to be struggling was the orange ricordia.... it has yet to open....but everything else is AWESOME MONITI is great..... there was so many pods.... there was one HUGE POD...
  14. saltylakes

    i need to get rid of xenia

    Does anyone live in florida and wants Xenia?? send me an email i have alot
  15. saltylakes

    For Sale

    I am selling red xenia from my tank that is growing out of control. If anyone isinterested please email me at: I have pieces with thick single, double, triple and four stalks of xenia. The prices range from 15-35 dollars. thanks
  16. saltylakes


    I am having a great problem and that is that my Xenia red and pom pom xenia are growing out of control!!! Anyone around my area Dade county want to trade? I also have have some colt coral and BRIGHT green star polyps. I have traded with several people at our first south florida frag trade last...
  17. saltylakes


    anyone here interested in trading some: 1. red xenia 2. white xenia 3. colt coral 4. green star polyps 5. clove polyps I am looking for mushrooms, colorful Zooanthoids, and yuma ricordia, and any other corals that may be of interest!!! thanks and please email me at: :D
  18. saltylakes

    bang guy

    Hello, Are you interested in trading or selling some of your yuma orange frags? thanks
  19. saltylakes


    Anyone here have any luck with Achilles tangs? my friend just got one and i wanted to find some info. Also do they mix with other tangs like purple tangs?
  20. saltylakes

    coco worms

    Hello has anyone ever had one of these? I have seen the usual red and orange ones. Today i say one that was all blue and another that was yellow. it was awesome. how much have you guys paid for them? thanks