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  1. firefish9

    Need some advice

    hey everybody its been awhile since i was last here see some stuffs changed. Well i started this thread because id kind of like some advice on this tough decision, Well today i was talking to my Girlfriend and she said one of her friends whos dating one of my friends might dump him. I asked her...
  2. firefish9

    minimum aquarium size?

    Whats the minimum aquarium size for a 3 striped damselfish? Can I keep one in a 5 gallon aquarium with Caulerpa as a filter/live rock
  3. firefish9

    Saddleback clowns or false percs?

    I cant decide which one of these clowns to keep. All sugestions welcome!
  4. firefish9

    what type of coral?

    can I keep under 1 250 watt metal halide 14,000k light
  5. firefish9

    will this work on my 70?

    will this work for a reef setup? 1 250 watt 14,000k metal halide pendant What type of corals can I keep under this light? RO unit Berlin Red sea skimmer rated for 100gallons About 55 pounds of live rock Aquafuge refugium Market leader reef package 4-5 inches of crushed coral and live sand 1...
  6. firefish9


    is the aquafuge worth the money I have a 70 gallon aquarium and I planed on getting one of these would it realy make a difference in the nitrates?
  7. firefish9

    reef star 400 watt HQI light

    I am interested in purchesing that light model in the dry goods section. As far as metal halides this is pretty cheap right? Is there something more I would need to buy for this (ie... chiller or fan etc...)? This would be adaquate for almost any coral I plan on putting in my 70 gallon correct...
  8. firefish9

    Aquarium sumps

    What is the best model of sump or wetdry filter right now. I am having a tough time picking one for my 70 gallon to be reef. Thanx for any and all input.
  9. firefish9

    Freshwater question

    I have set up a 20 gallon freshwater tank and I am not sure what I should stock it with. I really want to keep a cichlid in it but I'm not sure which type. I was thinking of maybe a school of Firemouth cichlids or maybe some Jewel cichlids. This set up cant be upgraded later. -Firefish
  10. firefish9

    dead coral skeletons?

    I just got this dead coral skeletons are they safe for sw reef aquariums/can I turn them into DIY live rock. If they're not safe in sw can I keep them in fw aquariums?
  11. firefish9

    Any soccer fans out there?

    Okay I wan't to know if there are any soccer fans on this site. I know that Reefreak29 knows some about soccer. If you don't like soccer thats okay I respect that just respect that I and others respect it to and don't post anything vulgar like in an old nascar thread I read about. So lets see...
  12. firefish9

    How many?

    How many different species of clown could I safely keep in a 70 gallon tank?
  13. firefish9

    Our Future?

    Is anybody else watching Earth 2100 right now,it is very saddening and scary. Global warming is scaring the crap out of me. What are ur thoughts on this subject?
  14. firefish9

    Frag tank

    Could I have some help setting up a frag tank. This is what I have so far. 10 gallon tank 10-20lbs of live rock live sand Skilter filter lighting is T5s and 12'' Power compacts with moonlight. I need some suggestions from here on(what types of corals/parameters etc..) Do I need a filter if I...
  15. firefish9

    How many fish can I keep in a 20?

    I plan on a total of 6 fish is this okay?
  16. firefish9

    Catalina gobies?

    I know, I know they arn't from tropical waters they arn't great swf canidates. but what requirments would you need for these temperate water wonders. Does their tank need a chiller if they live in the high 60s and low 70s. What is their enviromnt like. Can live rock survive in these temps. What...
  17. firefish9

    cichlid info?

    Does anybody with expirence with African lake malawi sorry for spelling, have info on their tank requirments(tanksize tankmates etc.)
  18. firefish9

    good freshwater sites?

    does anybody know of some freshwater sites like saltwater :help:
  19. firefish9

    anemome crabs

    What do you know about them,requirments,tank mates etc...... are they reef safe? And how common are they?
  20. firefish9

    just got my seahorse!!

    just got seahorse. Its a Kuda they are so awesssssssome