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  1. spkdtch


    Last night the legs/stands for my lighting fixture that came with it broke and the lighting fixture fell in the water!!! All the fish and inverts and coral seem fine but the light doesn't turn on. I unplugged it and moved it and dried it but it still doesnt turn on. It used to at first but not...
  2. spkdtch

    Moving anemone/tank breakdown

    i just finished building and painting the stand for my 40gallon reef, soon it will be in place with the sump under it running and the canopy finished as well now in order to get my tank onto the new stand, it has to come off my old steel rod shelf set, so i need to take all the rocks and...
  3. spkdtch

    Nocturnal GBTA

    So i got this new GBT about a month ago and once placed in the DT it moved and found a spot it liked(its foot in a cave and its tentacles sticking out the front) all was well for awhile until i noticed that it would only be out right in the morning or after the lights were all out except the...
  4. spkdtch

    Frag tank build

    i have a 10gallon lying around that id like to set up as a frag tank/hospital tank for coals filtration and heating are my issue, my issue is finding the right lighting set up for a 10 gallon, its 20" wide and all i can seem to find are 18" or 24", and not very high output any suggestions? i...
  5. spkdtch

    flame angel weird

    so i came home from work today around 10 and looked at my tank and saw my flame angel sucked against the intake of my filter, i looked closer and it was still breathing and moving its fins and looking at me, so i unplugged the filter and the angel swam off like nothing happened its a new filter...
  6. spkdtch

    bristle worm

    i understand that many of you welcome these worms, however, i cannot stand them and do not want them in my tanks. while feeding, i saw at least 4 bristle worms on one piece of LR, so i got a bristleworm trap awhile ago and tried it out, well no bristle worms in the trap, just a tiny brittle star...
  7. spkdtch

    Water temperature

    How quickly does aquarium water cool off if the heater suddenly dies? I have two in each of my tanks incase that happens, but what if a fuse was blown while i was at work? how much time would i have to reset the fuse before any damage is done? ball park, would be impossible to get it to the...
  8. spkdtch

    Octo- not fish

    Eventhough an octopus isnt a fish, i think it falls into the aggressive category because it will eat almost anything in the same tank as it. I thought it would be interesting to try and have an octopus in my new 125 gallon tank. Its on the stand, filled with sand, LR, and saltwater with the...
  9. spkdtch

    cleaner shrimp antenna

    so i just looked in my tank and my cleaner shrimp is hiding in the front corner between some LR and the front glass, sitting low(body almost on the rock) and all of its antennas have been shortened to about an inch each, used to be 3 inches easy the only new items in the tank are a new flame...
  10. spkdtch

    tiny snail

    this morning when the lights first came on i noticed a small white snail, about the size of a "BB" and when i went to get a cup to grab it, i saw a second. Only saw two and got one and the other fell into the substrate, i tried to scoop it up but i think i missed it. Either way, i have at least...
  11. spkdtch

    hiding shrimp/lobsters

    Awhile back, few months at least, i put in a small blue spiny lobster, about 2 inches long. It kinda disappeared over night then in the morning i thought i saw a molt which is fairly common after being moved but it was behind all the LR where i couldnt get it or look to see if it was a dead...
  12. spkdtch

    Colors and salinity

    With my new 125 gallon im doing a fish only tank, hopefully an aggressive tank. Are there any types of fish that cannot live in hyposalinity constantly? What salt level is your tanks yet at? i understand a dragonet could live, but its food wouldnt i was told eels cannot get ich, is that true of...
  13. spkdtch

    Live rock

    got a nice hunk of live rock today and while looking at it before putting it in the tank, i saw bristle worms which i hate, creep me out, even if they are good so i continued to look for other stuff, found 2 green feather dusters, 3 orange ball anemones, 5-10 bristle worms, some sponges, and...
  14. spkdtch

    new coral IDs please

    few new corals and a few old that im looking for names of if possible first one is a zoa of some type, purple center, orange band around purple, yellow/light green tentacles second is another zoa, either a blue hornet or purple hornet if i had to guess third, another zoa, purple center, green...
  15. spkdtch


    once my new 125 tank is up ill have my aggressive tank. No fish for it yet but i would like a lion fish, eel, shark, ray, stone fish, and a porcupine puffer, but i know i cant put them all in the same tank, so what would get along with what? i was hoping a shark and porcupine puffer and maybe a...
  16. spkdtch

    Mantis Shrimp

    just got a 125 gal that i want to set up soon, i plan on doing an aggressive tank and was hoping i could finally have a mantis shrimp. Do they really break glass or is that just a myth? the tank i bought was used and so i dont know if its glass or acrylic but it was very heavy so im assuming...
  17. spkdtch

    New 125 gallon

    Went to my LFS store yesterday to see what they had. I just got a new job and wanted something new for my tank and bought a few pieces of coral that ill post ID pictures for identification later. On my way out i saw an 125gallon tank with no price on it and asked. The owner told me it was $125...
  18. spkdtch

    lawnmower blenny panting

    my lawnmower blenny has been panting rapidly for over a month, getting close to two months now, no ich, has been hypoed. very large belly, eating well, no other signs of being sick, just breathing very very rapidly for a long time(months) whats the deal?
  19. spkdtch

    mandarin hypo

    do you need to hypo mandarin dragonets and if so, how? they eat only pods unless trained to eat frozen foods but the pods would die in a hypo tank, so it seems like its kinda impossible to do it
  20. spkdtch

    zoos seeing?

    are there any types off zoos that can actually see? i purchased a large rock of some type of zoos that i will post a picture of tomorrow to try and have IDed, but every time i walk into the room, they all close up for a bit(30 seconds). none of my other zoos do this, so i thought it was very strange