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  1. goingpoor

    best clown

    What would be the best clown to purchase for my riterie? as you can see in the picture below i already have a maroon clown hosting my rbta
  2. goingpoor

    please help id

    i cant find anything that looks like this and no one else ever knows...this stuff is very corse and dosent harm my coral at all my gsp have just grown over it and so has my what it is micro or macro.i had a friend takes these pictures for me my camera just broke down the other day ...
  3. goingpoor

    its been pictures

    i got read of my hippo tangs they started eating my zenia..and my pink tube anenomie because he kept nabbing up my little chromis..hope you all enjoy : )
  4. goingpoor

    Well i tryed to beat the odds and lost : (

    Well i tryed to beat the odds and lost : (............I have had my Niger trigger for 2 years sence he was teny tiny never had any problems with him.I took a trip to mwc yesterday and picked up a cabbage leather ,well about a hour after is was in my tank my trigger took a huge bite out of it a...
  5. goingpoor

    new pictures from today...

    kids got ahold of my good camera and had to go back to my old one so sorry if pictures arnt that full tank shot
  6. goingpoor

    New pictures on slide show! HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY....LEAVE ME SOME LOVE
  7. goingpoor

    What would you exspect

    I had been going over and matencing 2 saltwater tanks one is fish only 125 the other reef 110 my old tank....Every week for the past mouth there water was so bad and everything was dyeing and i took up the challance to get these tanks under control...Sence i have started the 125 is a hug...
  8. goingpoor

    are we not voting on corals????

    Was wondering when we where going to be voting on the corals..I had only seen a couple of coral posted contest polls...Is it over
  9. goingpoor

    slide show of my 180 gallon and some video's
  10. goingpoor

    Happy turkey day everyone

  11. goingpoor

    green bird wrasses

  12. goingpoor

    Yellow tang

  13. goingpoor

    Pincushion Urchin

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    Purple Mushrooms

  17. goingpoor

    clown fish (PERCULA'S)

  18. goingpoor

    velvet fairy wrasses

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