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  1. squirrel

    Could someone tell me what this is??

    Has anybody ever seen algae like this?? It is growing on the glass. Sorry the pic is not the best in the world...TIA!
  2. squirrel

    Glow Sticks

    I have a miniature pincher pup that is about 3 months old and he just busted open a small glow stick that you put on the end of a fishing pole. Could someone please tell me if I should call the vet? :help: Thanks in advance
  3. squirrel

    Cocopods ?

    Can you buy cocopods any where? I have had my tank set up for like 2 years and saw cocopods in the begining but haven't really seen any since. I want to get a mandarin but know I can't without cocopods. Thanks
  4. squirrel

    Copper in a reef system

    I friend of mine has discovered copper in his system after killing a few corals and a lot of snails. Has anybody had any luck getting copper out of their system? If so how? Would a 50% water change help? He already put carbon in the sump. It is a 125 with a 55 gal sump. There are no inverts or...
  5. squirrel


    Does anybody know anything about a titan 150 thermodynamic chiller? Are they any good? Thanks to any feedback!!!
  6. squirrel

    power outage what should I do?????

    my power is out and it look like it might be a few hours before it is back on. how many hours will my fish and coral be ok with out circulation? thanks for any help...
  7. squirrel


    Could some one please give me an est. cost on a MH system for a 125 gal... I have a friend that is about to upgrade and he thinks it is only going to cost him about $100 each Thanks Brandi
  8. squirrel

    ? about sand

    I am moving my aquarium soon and was wondering if it would hurt anything to take out my sand and replace it. Thanks for the help Brandi
  9. squirrel

    ? about sand

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing to stir up your sand?? Brandi
  10. squirrel

    Quick ?

    Does anybody know the length of PC that fits in a 48" Coralife Aqualight?? I am seeing two different lengths on-line and want to purchase them but don't want them to be too long. Thanks in advance :joy:
  11. squirrel

    Copperband Not Doing Good

    My copperband looks like he is getting skinny...but he eats every night when I feed! I started feeding brine, but heard that it wasn’t so good so now I have been feeding mysis. I have tried formula one (flake and frozen) and cyclopeez but he won't touch either one. Does anybody know of anything...
  12. squirrel

    Clown and Bubble Coral

    Any ideas on how to get my Maroon to leave my bubble coral alone? She wants to play in it like an anenome, but the bubble just closes up. That can't be good for the bubble? or will it be ok? :notsure: Thanks Brandi
  13. squirrel

    Please Help Xenia Problem!!!

    My xenia looks like it has a cut on the base of it, and it is going to fall off the rock. Where it is cut there is something yellow? Here are some pics...sorry about the quality. I just tested last night and amon. and trites were at 0, trates were a little high(30), and ph was a little low(8.0)...
  14. squirrel

    UV Sterilizer

    Any opinion on a good UV Sterilizer? I am looking into buying one but don't have a clue what is good or bad? Thank you!
  15. squirrel

    Cloudy water

    Has anyone ever used Phos-Zorb?? My water is cloudy and begining to get a green tint to it. I had to use tap water to top a few days ago and I think it has high phosphates. My lfs told me that this should help, but I wanted the boards opinion before I used it. Thank You -- Brandi
  16. squirrel

    Is my anemone spliting???

    When I got up this morning my RBTA looked very nasty...what does it look like when it is spliting? I am at work now and don't exact numbers but I tested my water this weekend and everything was great!!! And if it is spliting what should I do about my clown b/c he still wants to play in
  17. squirrel

    Lighting for anemones

    What would be the best lighting for a rtb in a 55 gal tank???? I have coralife 4x65 pc's right now...Is that enough??? Thank you :joy: