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  1. mohawkninja


    Alright, I'm getting really frusterated. As you guys may know, I'm one of the youngest people on these forums, and I'm currently in high school. The way my school works (and many others from what I have heard) many of my classes have turned from a teacher teaching, to us teaching ourselves. For...
  2. mohawkninja

    And this is why Fox Business shouldn't be covering Science stories. Stuart Varney, I know it is just your opinion, but it is wrong.
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    Next fish for my 55 Gallon Fowlr

    Hello, been a little inactive but I'm back! I want to get another fish (or a few) for my 55 gallon, which currently has 2 green chromis, 2 ocellaris clowns, and a six line wrase. I do want to get a little bigger of a fish though, because all of mine are pretty small. I was thinking of a dwarf...
  4. mohawkninja

    Just wanted to check my stock list.

    Hi forum. I think my stock list for my 55g FOWLR is ok, but I just wanted to check. If a fish has an X by it, it was already added. X- 2 Green Chromis X- 2 Ocellaris Clownfish X- 1 Six Line Wrasse 2 Neon Gobies 1 Coral Beauty Angelfish* If this is not realistic, please tell me what would be.
  5. mohawkninja

    Identification Please.

    I picked up a piece of live rock without seeing this little guy. The pictures are grainy but it is a brownish-purple stalk that opens into a mushroom-like top with a green center. They are in pairs and I have 2 pairs. Doesn't look like aptastia, but I don't know how to Identify it...
  6. mohawkninja

    Liverock Piece ID

    I have had a piece of live rock in my tank for about 2 weeks, and I went down to my tank today to see a white ball on the rock. Assuming it was a hermit crab shell, I moved on. I came home today to see this ball still there. Upon inspection it is a round white ball about 1/2 cm wide, anchored to...
  7. mohawkninja

    Staple Diet for my Fowlr

    Hi all, new to the forums I have a 55g fowlr with 2 green chromis and 2 ocellaris clowns. I feed a mix of fozen mysis, freeze dried brine shrimp, omega one flake w/garlic, and nls pellets. I love the nls pellets, but my chromis are having a hard time eating them becuase of their small mouthes. I...