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  1. cveach

    RED ALERT. I have ich

    Man this sucks. My 75gal reef with ZERO Nitrate,Nitrites, amonia. Established for 6years. For no apparent reason my fish have broken out with Cryptocarion, ICH. I have delt with ICH and plan on treating with removing my fish from the reef for 45 days placing them in 2 20gal longs for the period...
  2. cveach

    My Kent Tech CB Review

    In the past month I have changed to using Kents Tech CB 2 part calcium and buffer additive. In the past few weeks I have noticed a major increase in coral growth as well as snail shells and Coraline. Pleased to report highly on this product.
  3. cveach

    Clams on LR

    I found some great looking LR at a store 3 weeks ago. Purchased and cured 4lbs it and placed it in my tank both pieces were covered in Macro algae and zooanthoid brown button polyps that have survived as well as three or four small clams. They open close they are alive. My qustion is if they...
  4. cveach

    Cooked Coraline

    I recently added a 250watt MH over my 75gal reef, with a 12,000k bulb. Some of my deep purple coraline on the higher rocks is turning white on the edges. How far will this progress ? Will it just be up top?