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  1. rainbow grouper

    A question i have pondered over for many a month

    How well could MODERN man survive without electricity? What i think. modern man would be able to survive without electricity but in places like urban America and the UK many would find it VERY hard to adapt and many people would starve to death there also wouldn't be enough agricultural land in...
  2. rainbow grouper

    Please enlighten me.

    So i haven't done any research on this but i have a feeling that the six line wrasse is a distant relative of the trigger family. i say this because for a long time i have noticed triggers and the six line (and eight line ) all have a rapidly moving dorsal/adipose fin am i right or wrong.
  3. rainbow grouper


    First)of)all)i)need)to)apologise)for)lack)of)spaces)the)space)bar)is)not)working But)what)is)this)myth)about)tapwater)isn't)good)for)tanks)longeterm?Now)don't)get)me)wrongilikeRO the)only)reason)it)isn't)used)is)because)it)costs)alot)more)in)evaporation.We)have)been)SWaquarists...
  4. rainbow grouper

    Something to say.

    This thread mean not no disrespect to ANY other community members but i would like to say something (mods delete this thread if you think it is inappropriate). It seems to me that every time i start a thread people start commenting on things that i do and say. I DO take note that some of the...
  5. rainbow grouper

    Alvepora doing great.

    Out alveopora is doing great even though we are fairly inexperienced reefers pics once i find the camera. but can anyone shed some light on this It became Happier when the nitrates increased why? Summary of it's existence with us coming tommorow for people who would like info on keeping it happy.
  6. rainbow grouper

    Reef balls.

    So reef balls rest in peace knowing you did your bit for the marine environment. Reef ball summary. Cremated The ashes are put into a 1.8m thick concrete ball The concrete ball is lowered down to the bottom of a reef providing a new and rich habitat for marine inverts and corals. It is adopted...
  7. rainbow grouper

    Studying for my amateur radio license.

    I know not what a normal ten year old should be doing, but i am me. if you can give any technical advice i would appreciate it. (yes don't tell me i shouldn't be doing this i will do what i like and what i like is anything technical)
  8. rainbow grouper

    Your favourite sounds.

    What are your favourite sounds then then?mine are as stated below 1. The sound of running water. 2. A cats meow.
  9. rainbow grouper


    O.k tangs are one of my favorite species of fish so in this thread i would like everybody to post pictures of any tangs they have. I'll post tomorrow because i have to come off in a min.
  10. rainbow grouper

    time to open up

    The reason i am not what you would expect a ten year old to be. Two brain disorders i suffer from. if you are angry at me for keeping this secret from you then that is wholly acceptable. i...
  11. rainbow grouper

    Quantam mechanics

    Quantum mechanics the thing that has always baffled scientists and probably always will. Your views? Opinions? (P.S I know i need to stop reading and theorizing in the quantum world.)
  12. rainbow grouper

    Quantam computing

    Quantum computing. The end of all internet security or the device that stops you wasting part of your life waiting for your computer to load? Opinions?
  13. rainbow grouper

    Who owns this book; spirit of the ocean by daniel gilpen.

    So who owns this I do and think the close up photography is breathtaking I can't a picture of the inside but i rate 5 stars a must have for any ocean and reef lover. However it's BIG measuring 18'' by 13'' by 1'' (ruffly). The cover is wooden but still a must have for reef and ocean lovers...
  14. rainbow grouper

    Post random pics of your fish thread.

    I love seeing the diversity of fish in our aquariums so in this thread i would like people just to post random pics of there tanks and fish. I really don't care about, who, what, when, where just post them if you like. here is one of my best shots of my ancanthrus pyroferus A.K.A chocolate tang
  15. rainbow grouper

    What are your most uncommon fish SW or FW

    It has to be my either my beige pleco (FW) or my mimic tang (ancanthrus pyroferus SW) but probably the the beige plec.
  16. rainbow grouper

    Having problems keeping alveopora happy tips advice

    Yes i know Alveopora is hard but it was a freebie with a devils hand leather that i thought was worth a try its surviving but doesn't seem to be too happy any tips or advice on it?
  17. rainbow grouper

    Famous qoutes

    I have always enjoyed quoting ancient sayings that have been passed down and used for many a century wondering what ones do you know? Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans: John Lennon Peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding: Albert Einstein...
  18. rainbow grouper

    Is it ok that my cleaner shrimp has algae growing in his feelers?

    Is it o.k for that to happen to cleaner shrimps? is it anything worth worrying about? Thanks in advance.
  19. rainbow grouper

    What are the things on this forum that you do whae you get bored.

    What do you do when you're on here and your bored I search through the '' share your aquarium'' forum up to the last pg. Now who else does that LOL.
  20. rainbow grouper

    Anyone know how to set up a website

    Just intrested wanted to set up a website to help hobbyists and wanted to know how.