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  1. lionfish

    Issues to be addressed

    LionFish says...... Well, seems like there has been some problems in the forums as of late. First off, I would like to apologise to everybody for letting that "member" to post something like that for that long. That was totally wrong and I won't have that crap in my forum so I deleted it. So, if...
  2. lionfish

    Don't do it again.

    LionFish says...... I deleted the topic about the junk mail crap. This is a site for saltwater hobbiests to ask and answer questions. I don't want to see that junk here again. I can honestly say nobody wanted to see that kinda scam here. You should realise that this is a site that is made for...
  3. lionfish

    What tang?

    LionFish says...... I am curently in the works of a 70 gallon tank which will be up and running by December. I have done a lot of research on Tangs but I have only dealt with the Regal Tang in the past. Cool, little fish but he got ick and dies on me after a couple of months. Anyways, I was...
  4. lionfish

    Anenome for the Clown

    LionFish says...... Well, I seem to have a little problem on my hands. I have an Ocellaris Clown in my 50 gallon reef and he thinks he is the big bad boss of the tank. He has even resorted to chasing my Black-cap and Swissguard. Now genrally speaking, I don't need a $15 fish beating on my $40...
  5. lionfish

    A perosnal apology to kappadoku and any others I have offended.

    Well, folks, I have made a big mistake which may have offended or made someone leave. My personal and humble apology to Kappadoku, who I was angry at on a false account.I am very sorry for the mix-up as I had not seen the post before Kappa's post and I thought Kappa was trying to anger me. My...
  6. lionfish

    Its back

    LionFish says....... Well folks, we got it back. Post away.
  7. lionfish

    Flame Angel and Flame Hawk.

    LionFish says...... Well, I know some of you people have had one or both of these fish at one time or another. Now any of you that check the aggressive board know that I know my aggressive fish quite well. However, there are some fish I haven't dealt with before. I have a 50 gallon reef tank...
  8. lionfish

    Finally, I got a vacation.

    LionFish says...... Well, I don't know if you had noticed but I had been gone for about the last week and a half. I went and visited relatives down in Ohio. So, just so no one thought I was ignoring your posts while I was gone, I had to give the update. It wasn't too easy to get a hold of a...
  9. lionfish

    Hey Dlight

    LionFish says..... Dlight, did you recieve the email I sent you? Check your mail and see if it got there. My email has been acting funky lately and seems to be causing me problems because I can't respond to any of my mail. If not I would be happy to answer your questions here. Sorry for the...
  10. lionfish

    Time for a new POLL?

    LionFish says...... Well folks it seems as if good ole LionFish got some really good fortune today. A guy that I know wants to get rid of his 180 gallon tank and I told him I would take it off of his hands. SO, I thought to myself, "Well, I have always picked basically all the fish I have bought...
  11. lionfish

    Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary!

    LionFish says...... Well, folks what a day. Its not only Easter Sunday for me but it marks my 1 year anniversary today. Ah, one year. All the memories. Well, thanks to everybody here for a great year and I'm sticking around for year 2. Have a Happy Easter, everybody. C-ya.
  12. lionfish

    New Tank Water?

    LionFish says...... Well, guys I need to add water to my new tank. But here is the problem. I usually use RO water but I only have two 5 gallon jugs to get RO water. Is there any other kind of water I can use. It would take me 5 trips to the water store and I don't want to go through that. I...
  13. lionfish


    LionFish says..... OK, folks there has recently been a small outbreaks of little incidents on the board. Some on purpose some not. I feel that it is my responsibility to clear up a couple of things so no one gets confused. It is my fault that I haven't cleared this up before so I will quickly...
  14. lionfish

    BlackCap or Royal Gramma?

    LionFish says..... Well, I must say I found a fish that really intrigues me. I need some info on the little guy. My LFS got the first one in the last 4 years(I live in Michigan C'mon). They are extremely rare around my neck of the woods, unfortunately. Since we only have one saltwater store in...
  15. lionfish

    Some filter questions.

    LionFish says..... Hey guys, I need some help from you equipment experts. I'm setting up my new 50 gallon reef tank and it seems to me that I just don't have enough equipment. All I have is a Protien Skimmer, 2 PowerSweep Powerheads, and a submersible heater. Is there going to be anything else...
  16. lionfish

    Emperor Angel ?

    LionFish says..... I went down to the LFS today to see their new shipment. They got a lot of inverts and fish today. One of these fish really caught my eye. It was an Emperor Angel. I asked the guy there what size tank I could keep him in. He told me that my 70 gallon would be fine for awhile...
  17. lionfish

    Lighting Rule?

    LionFish says..... Well, I need a little help from someone who knows how much light there should be for a reef tank to mantain corals. I'm setting up a 50 gallon in 2 weeks so I want to know how much light I will need. I've heard numerous answers to this question before but don't really have a...
  18. lionfish

    Tang Fish Tank Size?

    LionFish says..... Since I am now getting prepared for a new tank I would like to have a Tang in the tank to control the algea problem. I would like to know what the minimum size a tank has to be for a tang to be happy in. Preferably I would like a Regal Blue Hippo Tang. The tank I am planning...
  19. lionfish

    Tank Compatibility???

    LionFish says..... Well, now that I have a little more time on my hands I can post again. So, what I need to know is the compatability of these fish. Now I rarely keep anything besides triggers, lions, or groupers in my tanks but I'm trying something new. I would like to put a Blue Ribbon Eel...
  20. lionfish

    See Ya.

    The rock... I mean lionfish says Hey guys, don't really have the time to check here anymore. I guess I got too wrapped up in my regular life to talk here. Well, I hope this isn't good-bye forever, maybe I will be back wheen I get things organised. See Ya guys....