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    I love that show! I initially started watching it after I caught the last few minutes before Heroes one night. I set my DVR and I think I've seen every episode since.
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    Snail going for a ride

    Pretty cool.
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    cretaceous foundation rock?

    Also, this is my favorite part: Originally Posted by BLAZEHOK68 "Identifiable fossils found within the rocks include rudists, algae, sponges, bryozoans, brachiopods, crinoids, conodonts, coral, ostracodes, gastropods, nautiloids, and other forms of marine life." Why would you want FOSSILS of...
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    cretaceous foundation rock?

    The rock is AT LEAST 100 million years old. Back then corals didn't make skeletons out of aragonite, as they do today. They made skeletons out of calcite, another kind of calcium carbonate. Any live rock you buy from a reputable source will be made of aragonite, which is required to keep...
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    Five Week Old 20 gl Tank Pics

    Sounds like you've got a handle on things. Welcome to the hobby! Your tank looks great. The aquascaping is really well done.
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    DeMartini's ADA Reef

    DeMartini, your 14 cube is one of the best nanos I've ever seen, I can't wait to see what you do with this one!
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    Rebelprettyboy 14-Gal BioCuBE Pic DIAry!

    Nice tank, man. The new aquascape looks great. It looks like there's a lot of light leak happening with that fixture. I know you said the tank only looks dark in the photo, but the walls are still brighter than the tank! Is that common with the viper?
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    What happened to Cartoons and TNBC on SATURDAY am's?

    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the toys and tv shows from when my generation was young (born in '84) are coming back? I saw My Little Pony the other day, and my cousin got a Mighty Max set for xmas. The toy companies are selling the stuff they sold when we were kids so now we'll...
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    Most Boring National Championship Ever

    Originally Posted by AquaKnight What did everyyone think of the HUUUUGE hit on like the 4th play of the game? When Major Wright nearly decapitated Manny Johnson. That was awesome and we were going crazy.... That was 100% pass interference. You can...
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    Out With Vista... In With 7...

    So does Windows 7 have a new kernel or are we working off the same Vista kernel? I don't really have a problem with the way Vista runs, I have a problem with the way it interacts with users, and the "security features" that microsoft built in. It seems like they tried to make it as secure as...
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    What happened to Cartoons and TNBC on SATURDAY am's?

    Yeah, I agree that the new cartoons are no good. If it's not anime, it's Spongebob. The quality is horrible. Next time you're in a room with spongebob, close your eyes and just listen to it. The auditory overload is incredible. Just the pace of the soundtrack is enough to make ME want to...
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    Originally Posted by SilverDak ok it has to be said... the human eye can NOT see the difference between 1400 and 2400dpi the only time that comes into play are on VERY large images like billboards, but even if the picture takes up the entire 8.5x11" piece of paper... you still wont be able to...
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    What happened to Cartoons and TNBC on SATURDAY am's?

    Originally Posted by Scotts Ahhh you do not have kids. In my time we only had cartoons on Saturday morning (Bugs Bunny RULED!) so we would get up early to watch the cartoons. Now kids have shows on at all times, including a full network devoted entirely to cartoons. So Saturday morning is...
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    Viking Poll round 2

    Actually, I think the Politically Correct term is "Norseman". But they are what they are because they are part of a culture from a specific reason. For example, if you take a chinese guy out of his sampan and put him in the Mojave Desert, he's still chinese, but now he's thirsty. Yes, I know...
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    Out With Vista... In With 7...

    Man, I tell ya. I bought my mother in law a computer with Vista on it for xmas... that was a biiig mistake. That was my first experience trying to use it and I wound up wanting to throw the computer out the window. Notice how a lot of the things you read about Windows 7 says "based on customer...
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    Most Boring National Championship Ever

    I thought it was boring. I'm in total disbelief that Oklahoma can go to 4! National Championships in 8 years (which is awesome), but choke in 3 of them (not so awesome). Anyone else think OK has a problem playing when it really counts?
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    Putting Faces to the Names

    Originally Posted by dazed2040 hello everyone my name is tom here are a few pics of me and my other hobbies. One of my other babies Ginger Attachment 216977 Dude, is that an OBT? I wanted one, but then I saw one in a petshop and it was MEAN! Charged at my finger through the glass! Sorry for...
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    what type of macro algae is this?

    Yeah, that stuff is bad news. I think it's even illegal in some coastal states because it will crowd out all native species, it's that invasive. I'd get rid of it before it becomes a problem.
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    pro's/con's of florida crushed coral aragonite blend

    A crushed coral bed will breed a PLETHORA of copepods. For this reason, I have a crushed coral bed in the back of my tank, beneath/behind my rocks. I don't like the looks of it, but it has its upside.
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    are you a self-googler?

    Apparently I'm Name Twins with a New Orleans schoolteacher who got a beatdown from some racist cops and the AP put it all over the news. You learn something new every day.