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  1. blondenaso1

    Thinking about setting up a 30 tall

    Hey everyone, I have been thinking about setting up a 30g tall and wanted to put aggressive fish in it. I was thinking a drawf lion and maybe an eel that stays small. I really don't have too much knowledge about aggressive setups so any advice would be greatly appreciated. The tank I was...
  2. blondenaso1

    Biocalcium dosing directions.....??????

    Ok, well this is kinda an ongoing debate/question that me and the lfs guy are trying to figure out. In the directions for biocalcium it says to "sprinkle" the powder on the surface of the water. Well, neither I nor the LFS guy like this idea so we would always premix it with RODI water and...
  3. blondenaso1

    Sand clumping

    So today when messing around with my tank I found that in several areas the sand is very hard and clumped together. I have heard of this before and think it had to do with to much buffering or alkalinity of something like that. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to corect it??
  4. blondenaso1

    Don't you love rearanging the tank.....

    You know you are all guilty of this at one time or another in our hobby.....Your are in the LFS and they just got a new shipment of corals in. You pick out a beautiful acro colony and a decent sized frogspawn that you have been waiting for. Then it dawns on you.....where in the world do you...
  5. blondenaso1

    Couple coral questions - Euphylia and plate??

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around lately, but I have been busy with school and studying for the MCAT. Anyways I have a couple of questions. 1) I just placed my hammer and my frogspawn in polyps reach of eachother. It is possible for them sting eachother or should they be ok? 2) I...
  6. blondenaso1

    New acro and a random pic :)

    Ok, so I went to the LFS last week on one of my weekly water runs and I came home with an acro that I couldn't pass up. SO here it is. It started to turn brown, but now it is regaining its bright purple color with yellow pollyps.
  7. blondenaso1

    New to Aggressive - Eel question

    Hey everyone, I have been pondering setting up a mini agressinve tank. Right now I have a 20g set up that I have not been using. I have been thinking of downsizing this to a ten, but I wanted to see what you guys said first. Please excuse my ignorence with aggressive fish, but I wanted to...
  8. blondenaso1

    Lighting change

    I have been thinking of changing up my lighting on my 55gal. Right now it has 4 110w VHOs and a 175W 12000K Sunburst MH. I want to take off 2 of the VHOs leaving 2 110W actinics and adding another Metal Halide. My question is should I upgrade the 175w ballast to a 250W and put 2 250Ws over it...
  9. blondenaso1

    Poscilapora help

    Hey guys, I haven't been home the last couple of days while my lights have been on because I have been stuck in the library studying for a biochem test that I have tomorrow. Well anywyas, I looked at my tank today and it appears that there has been rapid bleaching at the base of my poscillapora...
  10. blondenaso1

    Quick salt mixing question

    I am making up some salt water and I don't remember how much to add to get the right SG. I think it is 1/2 cup per 1 gallon, but I am not sure. It is Red Sea salt mix if that matters.
  11. blondenaso1

    Monitpora capricornis growth

    Here are a couple pictures of the growth I have seen in my Montipora capricornis frag. Tell me what you guys think. In my opinion it is growing very well and now that it is establish I can see even more growth every day. Picuture 1 taken 11/1/02
  12. blondenaso1

    Culturing Phytoplankton and Rotifers

    Ok, well I went to the LFS today and they have set up culture stations for phyto and rotifers. The have a good strain of both and are starting to churn out the stuff like crazy. My buddy there is selling the stuff for $8 for a little jar of phyto, beats DTs but still. So I told him I wanted...
  13. blondenaso1

    Felt like posting some pics

    I got bored and decided to snap some shots of the tanks. A have got a lot of new acro frags that i wanted to share. At my last count I have 12 different species of acro, 3 species of montipora; 2 digitata and a capricornis, and a poscilapora. I love the SPS. I want to upgrade the lights too.
  14. blondenaso1

    Cleaning Seaclone Protein Skimmer

    I have a seaclone 150 that is in my refugium. Needless to say fromt he lighting it has algae and coraline grow on the inside if the tube. It is not working properly and I think this is the reason. Is there a way to open the main cylender and clean the inside? Has anyone done this?? What...
  15. blondenaso1

    Upgrading lights, metal halide question

    First I'de want to say whats up. I was busy over the holidays and didn't have much time for the board. Sowry, but I am back now, and I need some help spending some Christmas money :) Right now on my 55gal I have 4 110W VHOs and a 175W sunburst 12000K metal hallide. I really hate the sunburst...
  16. blondenaso1

    Digital Camera Question

    Digi-cam sis got a Sony DSC-P71 Vyber-shop digital cam for X-mas. Is this a good cam? Whats the deal? It is capable of 3.2 megapixels. Thanks
  17. blondenaso1

    Clown fish and goniopora problem

    ok, here is the deal. My maroon clown has decided to call my goniopora its home. Needless to say the goniopora doesn't like its new resident. It has opened in 2 days and the clown won't stop molesting it. The clown just sucks on the ployps why? and rolls around in it all day. Until now the...
  18. blondenaso1

    New acropora additions

    I went to the LFS yesterday and one of my buddies that works there just fragged a bunch of acros from his tank. I just couldn't refuse and ended up getting 5. I wish I could take better pictures, but this is the best I can do. This is a pic of three of them. The ones on the right and left are...
  19. blondenaso1

    Pix of new additions and a couple oldies

    Here are some pics of a couple new additions I just go: By the way, how do you add multiple pics in one post?? Tricolor Acropora....if anyone knows the species I would appreciate it.
  20. blondenaso1

    Where are all my posts going???

    Ok, what now??? My last post got deleted that was asking what happened to the post before that!!! This is ridiculous!! Someone Please explain, and if you are insistent on deleting this post please private me with an explanation.