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  1. leadian

    LR & LS in Chicagoland NWI

    60lbs of Indo-Pacific Black LS , and 20 lbs of Tonga Branch LR For Sale in NW Indiana MUST GO the fish went to a better home already because of lack of time ( already have a 90 reef to take care of )The tank(55g) is still running with filters and lights but needs to come down ASAP. It was in a...
  2. leadian

    WTS 55 FO Clown Trigger & Eel Chicago area

    WTS my 55 g Aggro tank I dont have room in the new house.Want it out for Christmas! Need 2 sell the 2 inhabitants first if not going as package.both GREAT eaters 3-4" clown trigger 11-12" snowflake eel the 55g glass tank and stand (black), strip lights and plastic AND glass tops. Have also a...
  3. leadian

    4x65 Watt Coralife PC w/legs 4sale in AL

    this unit worked great on my 55, but now thats a FOWLR and its not enough for my 90. Its 7 months old w *2-Coralife 10000K and 2-Actinic Lamps Included *2 on/off switches and 2 power cords for separate timers *Built-in Ballast *Sleek Aluminum Housing *Highly Polished Reflector *Acrylic Lens...
  4. leadian

    50# bag of southtown sand in AL

    I brought one bag too many down from Chicago. Ive heard its rare down here.Make me an offer. Looking for local trades. Otherwise its going in the sandbox.
  5. leadian

    Filtering not enough or too much?

    On my 55g I have a fluval 304, prism skimmer, 2 maxi-jet 600's, 60lbs of Bali and Marshall Island well cured LR(1/2 the weight of Fuji), and a CC substrate(if I had to do over, next one will be LS). I currently have all media in the canister. Should I be removing the Bio-media?or all media...
  6. leadian

    Intro to the board

    Just an intro to show my new (4mo)55g been lurking for a while around here thought I'd share. My BTA split last night, yeah!updated pics once i turn the lights on and everything opens up not too much yet though still working.Nice or helpful comments welcome