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  1. jtoz116

    Selling some equipment

    please delete this thread..sorry
  2. jtoz116

    Getting back into it....

    ok soo...i have been a member here for awhile..and been in the hobby now for about 7 years..and im 19 so i started at 12. I gradually moved up from a 10 gallon nano, then a 29 gallon, and now i have a 55 gallon..and still wanting to upgrade. (maybe a 125) Anyway, I've had the 55 gallon for...
  3. jtoz116

    news pics of my reef

    enjoy....let me know what you think
  4. jtoz116

    LFS and crown of thorns?

    hey everyone, i was at my local lfs today and i noticied they had a crown of thorns star for sale. Why would anyone buy that? I found it hard to believe that they actually would try and pawn that off to a person who doesn't know better
  5. jtoz116

    new shots of my 75 reef

    hey's a shot of my 75 gallon with my camera phone soo bare with lemme know what you think
  6. jtoz116

    recently aquired Hippo tang.....

    hey evry1, i haven't posted in such a long time, or even browsed the board...but I'm back sooo yeyey...well anyway my birthday is today and my g/f got me a small hippo tang for my birthday.... i have a 75 gallon reef...and had problems with aiptasia..but now most gone..thanks to Joes...
  7. jtoz116

    an agressive 55..fowlr

    well i dont know if any of you have read about me and my aiptasia problem in the reef section, well, i want to try something fowlr, now i have a 55 gallon with about 55 pounds of live rock. I have alreayd have an arc eye hawkfish which i"ve had for 2 and 1/2 years and he is doing...
  8. jtoz116

    aiptasia...i cant take it anymore!!!!!

    hey everyone, i have a 55 gallon reef tank, and aiptasia is everywhere. I have tried chem marines and injected them some died, but there are just way too much to get rid of like this. i cant really buy peppermint shrimp to solve the problem because my arc eye hawkfish will make a nice dinner...
  9. jtoz116

    black out.....close one

    yesterday i had a black out...... only for an hour..but i was scared.. i think im goin to invest on a backup generator.. :thinking:
  10. jtoz116

    Pink Spotted Watchman Goby

    hey, i just bought a watchman goby for my 55 gallon reef. I bought him yesterday, and he has been hanging out in caves and throughout the rockwork. However, he doesnt see the food i put in the tank. how should i coax him to come out and eat? also, i wanted to buy a pistol shrimp. Which type...
  11. jtoz116

    fuzzy lion scared....

    hey, I've had a fuzzy dwarf lion for about 5 days now. So far, i fed him some baby guppies, which he goes after immediately. However, I am trying to ween him onto frozen stuff with the feeding stick, and he is scared of it! Every time i try to give him small pieces of silversides or prawn, he...
  12. jtoz116

    proper feeding on a fuzzy dwarf lion.

    hey, i just bought a fuzzy dwarf lionfish for my 55 gallon reef. He has been in the tank now for about a day, and has had some baby guppies to eat. The problem is he won't accept any of my frozen foods.(mysis shrimp, prawn, flakes, etc.) I know that a daily feeding of guppies is not good for...
  13. jtoz116

    Derasa clam?

    hey, i have a 55 gallon reef tank with 260 total watts of PC. That is 4.7 or 5 watts per gallon. Do you think i could put a derasa clam under that lightning?
  14. jtoz116

    spot feed a knobby star?

    hey, how do you spot feed a knobby star? I have it in my 55 gallon reef.
  15. jtoz116

    fish suggestions for my reef

    hey, i need some fish choices for my 55 gallon reef tank. As of now i have the following fish: Yellow Tang(about4") Coral beauty(about 3 1/2") Arc Eye Hawkfish
  16. jtoz116

    preferred wattage for BTA

    hey, i recently purchased a tomato clown for my 55 gallon reef tank. I always loved the symbiotic relation clowns and anemones have so I wanted to put a certain anemone for the clown to host. I read the a Bubble Tip was preferred for the tomato clown but wasn't sure. So before i go out and buy...
  17. jtoz116

    upgrading question

    hey eveyone, i am going to upgrade from a 29 gallon reef to a 55 gallon reef. I would like to know if I have to let the new tank cycle, or can I just add everything to the 55 gallon in 1 day. I am adding 40 pounds of cured live rock from, and i am going to use the old water...
  18. jtoz116

    Arc eye Hawkfish and an open top tank?

    hi, i recently purcahsed an Arc eye Hawkfish for my 55 gallon reef tank. It's adjusting very well but i would like to know if i can keep an open top tank with this fish. The light is about 4 inches of the water is that ok
  19. jtoz116

    Clown Tang

    hi, i recently added a clown tang to my 120 gallon tank. (about 3 days ago) i've been trying to feed him dried seaweed, flakes, cyclo-peeze, etc. hes not eating anything. im a little worried about this. can someone please help me out. oh i have a yellow tang in their too but they dont fight at...
  20. jtoz116

    Aqua C Remora

    Hey, I just bought this skimmer for my 55 gallon set up.. I dont want to sound like a retard or anything but. here it is. How do i hook up my Maxi Jet 1200 to the skimmer? PLease help me...