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  1. javatech

    Cracked Tank

    I was drilling my new 75 gal tank and was on the 4th hole and my macaw let out a loud screech and i cracked the tank on the end now all the other holes are ok and i have a 10X20" sheet of 1/4" glass i could patch it with from the inside , it would go from the top to the bottom and over lap the...
  2. javatech

    Lyretail Anthias

    I ordered two Lyretail Anthias from here becuse i have one male already but they sent one male and one female will the two males get along or do you think there will be problems i knoe they change from female to male when needed dose it go the other way??
  3. javatech

    175 MH on a 250 Ballast

    im installing a 250 on my tank but i dont have a light bulb yet for it. i do have an extra 175 will this work on a 250 Ballast or will it blow it i would think it would work becuse won't the ballest just put out what ever the bulb is eg. 175 watts or does the ballest push out the whole 250 watts...
  4. javatech

    Magnetek 2 lamp ballast sho/vho $15

    i found this on ---- looks like a good deal
  5. javatech

    Now this is a skimmer

    do you think this would over skim my 29 gal :D
  6. javatech

    Renewal of recommendation to suspend trade with Fiji

    If you haven't heard, Fiji failed to comply with CITES requirements in time. This means there will be NO Fiji Live rock shipped into the US for a while. If you need some of that cheap Fiji rock you best get it fast. Here is a link with more info:
  7. javatech

    IO Salt getting smaller

    got this off a local BB from a LFS Originally Posted by Fish World I just received word today that IO will be going from a 200 gallon bucket to a 160 gallon bucket. Of course the price isn't going down any. :x I'm not sure when the change is taking place just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.
  8. javatech

    Instant Ocean 28.99

    Did everyone get there Instant Ocean from the dot com yet. and before you ask were it's not on sale any more:mad:
  9. javatech

    New Avatar for you know who

    Guess who this is for :D ;) :rolleyes:
  10. javatech

    Nudibranch ??

    i just saw what i think is a small white Nudibranch in my tank. what do you all think
  11. javatech

    CS ELECTRO-LITE KIT (2 X 55/65 WATT) and Redsea salt 200gl pail

    i have a extra power compact light kit for sale that was on my ref but i was only using one bulb so it was a waste to have it and not use it all it has two blubs one 50/50 55watt and one 10,000K 65 watt the blubs are 1/2 year old used off and on. This kit comes complete with energy efficient...
  12. javatech

    More things i did not need but had to have

    just had to get them
  13. javatech

    What is this??

    i found this in the bottom of a liverock pile at my LFS i know it's something the rock is 4" around and it cost me $5.00. what do you all think ;) :confused:
  14. javatech

    Topoff system

    this looks like a nice topoff system just need a float valve
  15. javatech

    trade BERLIN SKIMMER for a MH setup

    I have a RED SEA BERLIN TURBO "CLASSIC" SKIMMER it's under 1 year old and i am looking to trade it for a MH setup 175 or 250 with a good bulb
  16. javatech

    Clown fish are breeding

    i found that my clowns have layed eggs you can just make out the eyes on the fry right above the clown on the rock. has anyone had some make it or do you just lose them :(
  17. javatech

    RO-DI water tds

    I just got an tds meter and before i change my DI cart. i wanted to find out if 002 tds was good. the water going in is 365 in tds. any ideas
  18. javatech

    Cleaned up the rat's nest

    I just got finished Cleaning up the rat's nest of wires for my tanks and moved it all off the floor. now i can see all of my timers:)
  19. javatech

    what Kalkwasser mix do you use ?

    im looking at using Kalkwasser drip in my tank what one do you use or are they all the same
  20. javatech

    Can you tell me what this is ???

    there are two things here one is in the hole and the other is the pink thing