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  1. big dave

    Hey Ren!

    I was looking at your pics of your tank and saw your "mystery" hitchiker. I have a possible answer. First, two questions: Do you have any seacucumbers in your tank and, does it look like a clear fish or something else? I may have the answer if it looks like a fish! BTW, sweet tank!
  2. big dave

    Whoo Hooo!!!!! its complete!

    Well, after a year in the making, my reef is done yay! I'm going to list my equipment and ask for coral suggestions. Here goes: EQUIPMENT 29 gallon tank w/ 20 gallon refugium total water volume about 40 gallons with displacement of LR/LS etc. Rio 1100 return pump from refugium via spraybar...
  3. big dave

    An Odd Assortment

    Hello everyone, I was recently over at my neighbor's house who has a 125 FO tank. I was really suprised at the combination of fish he had in it and how they reacted to each other. He has: 1 yellow tang 7 in. 2 female orange tail damsels 2 in. 1 Blackcap Basslet 4 in. 1 Goldstripe Maroon Clown 6...
  4. big dave

    Poll: Most Interesting Hitchhikers

    Hey guys this is kinda a just-for-fun poll. What is the neatest hitch hiker you have gotten on LR/LS? Mine in order would go: Cerith Snails (they bred i now have about 5 that made it to maturity from 2) Peacock Mantis Shrimp (this was quickly killed while curing my Aquacultured rock but...
  5. big dave

    SPS lighting

    Hey guys! Just a quick ?. My 29 gallon has 2x75 watt VHO bulbs on it. Is this sufficient for SPS corals(acroporas etc...) At my LFS we have a 27 gallon tank wiht 2x55 watt PCs and SPS do fine in it. I belive VHOs aren't as intense as PCs so would this be enought lighting? Would adding a single...
  6. big dave


    Hey guys, this is my first new topic in a while so here goes. My question is about the care of these guys. I do not own one and was wondering what their care would be. I have seen places online that say they don't ship well and aren't that hardy. A guy I work with says if you do get them...
  7. big dave

    What is the Scientific name of the "lollypop" tang?

    What is it? I have heard this term used on this BB and I am sure its just a common name for some tang. What are other common names for it?? I'm not interested in buyin one just interested in what it is.
  8. big dave

    Horse conch and Murex snails

    Hi. Recently, on a trip to Florida purchased 12 lbs. aquacultured LR. The growth is wonderful and includes:red fire, orange, green, and blue sponges, tunicates, oysters, barnacles, feather dusters, rock anemones(not aiptasia!) and many other things. Also, there was an assortment of critters on...
  9. big dave

    Garden Eels

    Hi. I have been trying to research these guys for a while and can't seem to find any infomation other than they need a really deep sand bed. How big do they get? I want to set up a reef flats biotope which would include 3 of them and several kinds of macro algae. If this isn't possible, I want...
  10. big dave

    Whats the deal wit hQueen Triggers?

    Guys, really, why do a lot of you really like these fish??? Theyre aggressive beyond belief, not really that pretty, and way overpriced. Geez, I catch these things durin the summer and EAT THEM!!!! I live in NJ!!!! Who wants one? come the summer, I'll send you a "quality show-sized" queen for...
  11. big dave

    New Critters

    Hey guys! I took a trip today down to a real nice LFS in my area. Its a drive but always worth it. I got a tank-raised percula clown, a carribean feather duster, a sally-lightfoot crab, and a shaving-brush algae. My questions are: opinion on lightfoot crabs. I have heard they sometimes try...
  12. big dave

    Ignored Species

    Hey guys! I was thinking recently of the many great aquarium species that really seem to be ignored. Specifically, some aquarium worthy carribean species in particular seem to be ignored. I will list a few and would appreciate any additions. This list is compiled from reading posts and the...
  13. big dave

    New Refugium Ideas

    Hey guys let me begin with the current tank stats and go from there. 29 gallon reef 2x75 watt VHO cpr bak-pak skimmer w/ media removed and 200 watt heater in media area 70-80 lbs LR 40 lbs LS Yellow-Tail Damsel-1" PJ Cardinal-1.5" 2 turbo snails very few corals only star polyps, zoanthids, and...
  14. big dave

    Fish That Should Be Left In The Ocean

    Just a personal list of fish that shouldnt be kept in captivity: Bicolor Angel Regal Angel Vlaminghi Tang<-gets way too big Most sharks Most rays Sweetlips Atlantic Green Moray Eels Wild-Caught Seahorses and Pipefish Ribbon Eels Naussau Groupers The Following Butterflys: Phillipene Gold stripe...
  15. big dave

    Dragonette Blenny???????

    Hello everyone just a quick question and possible help in my search for information. I work at an LFS and recently my manager who orders SW fish and me were goin thru the price lists and saw a newcomer... an Dragonette Blenny. Doing the usual"hey! sounds cool lets order one!" When it came in it...
  16. big dave

    Hard Tube Worms

    Does anyone else have hard tube worms growing on their glass? I used to scrape algae on all the sides of my tank but I let the back go for 2 weeks and these guys just appeared! I also noticed a few on my LR. I hope these guys get big like the ones I see in my lfs! Theyre so cool I love my...
  17. big dave

    Black Coral?????

    I saw this for sale online today and it looked pretty cool. Is it easy to keep??? what are its lighting and current requirements??
  18. big dave

    Are Goatfish reef safe?

    Are they and how big do they get? I heard thyre great detrious eaters.