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  1. rldavisou

    WTB High-End, 48" T5 Fixture

    I am looking to buy any of the high-end t5 fixtures (tek, constellation, solarflare, etc). I am only interested in 48" fixtures. With or w/o bulbs, it doesn't matter. If your fixture includes bulbs, make sure to mention that in your offer. I will pay shipping. Please PM me your offers. Thanks.
  2. rldavisou

    Clown Trigger color

    My clown trigger seems to have lost some color over the last couple of weeks. My water tests out ok, and his behavior hasn't changed. He eats everything I put in there, but I'm wondering if he's not getting something in his diet that helps with color. Could this be the case? Possibly...
  3. rldavisou

    Aggressive Cleanup Crew?

    I got a clown trigger recently and I was wondering what I could use for a cleanup crew? He'll eat the hermit crabs if I let him alone with them, and I'm afraid to let him alone with any other CUC. Is there any clean up crew member that he won't eat?
  4. rldavisou

    Clown Trigger Diet

    I just bought a clown trigger, a fish that I've been wanting for a long while now. I've been reading about husbandry on this and some other sites, and have found a few things about diet specifics. I have some questions over what I've read: 1) Some things say to keep them well fed, some say...
  5. rldavisou

    rldavisou's 120 Starphire Diary

    I took delivery of my new 120 rimless tank on Sunday. I'm totally stoked! I'm not sure if I can say where I ordered it from, so I won't, unless someone tells me it's ok. I'm really happy with it so far, with a few very minor exceptions, which I will address later. The tank has Starphire glass...
  6. rldavisou

    AquaC question

    I've decided to go with an AquaC skimmer, and I'm going to order one this week, but I've got a question: What does the drain fitting do? It seems to be advantageous, the way all the sites talk about it, but I don't see what it does. Does it just allow the whole skimmer body to be drained...
  7. rldavisou

    Trach brain placement

    I just bought a trachyphylia brain coral. I've read that they do better low in the aquarium, but I've got PC lights. Where should I place it?
  8. rldavisou

    Derasa not feeding

    I added a derasa clam to my tank yesterday. It's opening fine, and the mantle looks good, but both the inflow and outflow siphons are completely closed. My water quality is decent, not good enough to support SPS, but I didn't think clams had the same requirements, do they? Amm: 0 Trite: 0...
  9. rldavisou

    20k vs actinic

    I'm in the process of gathering info to do a DIY lighting setup. Would I be better of using 250 watts of 20k halide or 175 watts 10k halide with 192 watts of actinic supplement. It's a 30 gal long tank. Does 20k light cause corals to fluoresce the way actinic does? Or is it just blue in color?
  10. rldavisou

    Bak-pak vs AquaC

    I'm going to be buying an HOB skimmer soon, and was wondering what the opinions are on these two. Should I buy the Bak-Pak 2R+? It lacks the bio-bale stuff, which, as I understand it, will start leaching nitrates back into my system. Since my LR does the bio filtration, and the skimmer...
  11. rldavisou

    pico plans

    Ok, here's the plan: Get one of those 2.5 gallon tanks at you-know-where and have a piece of acrylic cut to go in the corner, like in the pics below. Then run a piece of clear flexible tubing into the corner space and up over the edge of the tank, siphoning down to a rubbermaid fuge. Then...
  12. rldavisou

    First pics of my tank

    I've had this tank up for almost 2 years now, but I've never gotten the chance to take any pics. I borrowed a camera, and it's apparent that I need some practice! I just got back from my first frag show today. I picked up the Krypto candy cane, the orange zoa's, and the purple zoa's, as well...
  13. rldavisou

    8 Gal Biocube energy consumption

    I'm thinking about putting an 8 gal biocube at my cubicle but I need to have all my ducks in a row before I go to my boss and ask permission. How many power cords does it have, and how many watts does the total system use? Anyone know anything about the amps? There are very strict limits on...
  14. rldavisou

    Are blacklights harmful?

    My wife and I do a huge Halloween party every year and I was wondering if I could put a blacklight on my tank for that. If it's harmful, I guess I could do actinics only, but there would still be a blacklight in the room. What does everyone think?
  15. rldavisou

    Coral beauty/pygmy angel?

    Kerriann already posted about a coral beauty and a flame angel, but what about a coral beauty and a pygmy? The guy at the lfs who normally is really knowledgeable and doesn't just try to make a sale said they are different from different genuses (geni?) so they wouldn't fight? I have a CB...
  16. rldavisou

    DIY Chiller

    My dad's tank is running about 82 degrees. He has a fan on the canopy, and that helps a little. I'm thinking about making a DIY chiller by taking a mini cube fridge and running some piping through one side, winding it around in there, and then out the other side. Has anyone tried this? Would...
  17. rldavisou

    Too much light?

    I found a 630 halide/pc combo fixture, 36" long, for $360. I want a halide for my 30 gallon, but I'm worried 21 watts per gallon is too much. If I can keep my water cool, will that still burn my corals? Is it possible to have too much light?
  18. rldavisou


    I've seen quite a few people who have had luck with monti's under pc lights. I've got 196 watts over a 30 long. If I place them as high in the tank as possible (a few inches under the surface), will they live? Can I expect them to keep their color if they do survive?
  19. rldavisou

    Glass Polish

    I picked up a used tank for next to nothing, but the glass is hazy due to its use as a terrarium. I'm planning on turning it into a reef tank this week. Are glass polishing compounds safe to use on reef tanks? Obviously I'd give it a thorough rinse after I'm done. Just wondering if anyone's...
  20. rldavisou

    Professional tank setup cost?

    Today, a wealthy friend of mine asked if I could set up and maintain a reef tank in his house. He said he'd pay me to do all the work. I told him I could do it, but I said I'm not exactly a pro. My question is, how much do you professionals charge to do stuff? He wants about a 75-100 gallon...