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  1. sailfin

    Zoo growth question?

    I hope you did some kind of dip before placing them in your tank. I have had them look as you describe and come back. I have also had them die. Place them in a high flow and hope for the best. Also check for any type of critters at night after the lights have been out for at least an hour...
  2. sailfin

    Zoo HELP!

    I would recommend Tropic Marin. It is an iodine based dip that is good for all corals, SPS, LPS, softies, zoas. Just don't use it for clams. I dip all of my corals prior to putting them in the tank.
  3. sailfin

    Zoo HELP!

    If you don't see any type of snails or nudibranches, I'd just leave them be. Zoos can sometimes act a little weird for a couple of days especially when they have just been added to the tank. Keep us posted if things get worse.
  4. sailfin

    Zoo HELP!

    Are they drawn up any or are they opened fully?
  5. sailfin

    Need ID Please, Live Rock Balloons

    Those are a type of sponge. Totally harmless.
  6. sailfin

    Id Please...

    Great to see that it turned around. Good luck with it.
  7. sailfin

    Yet another ID

    I think they are called stometella snails? I had one and got rid of it. I don't think it is a threat.
  8. sailfin


    Flatworm exit is a good dip to put your corals through, but once in the system, if you don't know how many you have, they could be potentially dangerous. At least that is what I hear. Once they die the give off toxins.
  9. sailfin

    LPS Problem

    Never heard of that.
  10. sailfin


    That sounds like the dreaded SPS flatworms. I'd try and get rid of them naturally. Try a sixline wrasse first and see how that goes. There are also nudibranches out there that only eat flatworms. Once they're gone the nudi's will die. Just a couple of thoughts.
  11. sailfin

    Id Please...

    Wow what a turn for the better. Keep us posted.
  12. sailfin

    Full Monti

    Most, if not all, montis will be fine. Just be sure to feed your tank as well. For instance, use some rotifers every once in a while for the SPS and some copepods for the LPS. They love that stuff.
  13. sailfin

    New Blasto colony!

    Wow!! Very nice piece. Frag it out and sell us all some. Just a thought.
  14. sailfin

    Id Please...

    It is a type of gorgonian. Unfortunately it looks dead.
  15. sailfin

    New zoas!!!

    WOW $3 a frag!! If you ask me you stole them. Around here $3 a polyp would be a great deal!!
  16. sailfin

    coarl ID PLEASE :D

    The first one is a Bonsai. A very nice piece if given proper conditions.
  17. sailfin

    Cucumber or Serpant Star??

    Try some cerith snails and/or nassarius snails. Both do wonders for the sand bed. The ceriths will eat algae type food, while the nass will scavenge for food particles and detritus.
  18. sailfin

    My New Organ Pipe

    That is sweet!
  19. sailfin

    New Blue Zoa

    Kewl. Do you have any pics without actinic?
  20. sailfin

    My Little Reef

    Maurice - I have had the sun coral for about 4 months now. I feed it twice a week. Tizzo - Thanks for the compliment. I hope I can keep this thing healthy. I have no connections to the Charlotte area, but I will keep that offer in mind. Thanks Escape - The tank has been up for about one year...