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  1. zippy

    BangGuy, what's a data architect?

    Just curious about what you do for a living. :confused:
  2. zippy

    Blue and Green Chromis

    Can these two different fish get along together in a school, or should they be kept separate?
  3. zippy

    Are these good guys or bad?

    These started to multiply all over my tank, but they do not look like Aiptasia. I have those as well, but I have no idea what these are or how to kill them. Any help as always is appreciated. Mike
  4. zippy

    My new pet peeve!

    Why do people ask for advice if there is no way they will accept it or follow it? I just read another post from someone wanting to keep a fish/clam/coral in an improper tank/improper lighting/overcrowding issue. Advice was given then exceptions were sited and excuses given. ENOUGH! IF YOU...
  5. zippy

    Fish/tank size chart?

    I keep reading on the reef tank board people are always questioning the type of fish and tank size. Does anyone know of a chart with the minimum RECOMMENDED size tank for fish? I know some people want to cram a tang into a 55 gallon because they are cool fish and...whatever the excuse. But to...
  6. zippy

    OT: The Best Public Aquarium?

    Where have you guys and gals found the best public aquariums? I have been to the Ripley's Aquarium at Myrtle Beach, SC several times. Not bad at all, but where else is good?
  7. zippy

    DSB users, tank or fuge?

    For those of you who use a DSB, where do you have yours placed and why? In the main tank you lose a lot of space, is it worth it? In the fuge do you get enough area to be effective? Thanks.
  8. zippy

    Food: how much is too much?

    I keep reading a lot of posts by people who feed their tanks 1 or 2 times a week, some 3 or 4 times per week, and some each day and then some. My question is this: how much is too much? Do tangs need to have nori strips to much each day or just every couple of days? Do clownfish need to eat...
  9. zippy

    120 vs. 125

    OK, those of you who made the jump to a 120 or 125 what was the deciding factor(s)? I saw both tanks side by side and was amazed by the length of the 125, but equally amazed by the height of the 120. For a reef tank with a sailfin tang (4" but growing) are you better off with the 6' length and...
  10. zippy

    How many use a UV sterilizer?

    Honestly, with no hard feelings, how many people truly use a UV sterilizer for their tanks? Do you feel it is a luxury item or a necessity or even a No-No?
  11. zippy

    Are hermits bad?

    I just finished reading an article claiming that hermit crabs are actually bad for reef tanks. I was looking to get some, but now I am not so sure. Every cleanup crew sells lots of red and blue legged hermits, so I am confused. Has anyone had any bad experiences with hermits? Or are all your...
  12. zippy

    An oddball question?

    Does it matter if your return from the sump to the tank is vertical, sloping, or a combination of both? I want to lose as little GPH flow as possible, but is the shortest length possible better than the fastest vertical rise? Any thoughts to resistance, back pressure, etc? Thanks.
  13. zippy

    Types of metal halide?

    I'm just starting some research and was wondering a few things. What is the difference between a standard and a mogul base? What is the difference between a German and a Coralife bulb with the same color temp? Finally, if I want to put corals on just 1 side of my 4' tank, can I just use 1...
  14. zippy

    Which side does the pump go on?

    I have never used a protein skimmer before and am having trouble getting mine to work. Do you create a suction from the outtake side of the skimmer, or do you force the water through the intake side? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. zippy

    Can you keep 2 lawnmower blennys in 1 tank?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if you can keep 2 lawnmower blennys in 1 tank? I have 1 already and I love the way he looks, but I was curious if it is possible to add another. A guy at the LFS said he wasn't sure, and I'd hate to allow one or both to die out of my curiosity.