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  1. bacia

    My Tank

    Really nice Tang. Good color. You might want to think about getting a cleaner shrimp. The skunk cleaner shrimp are the least expensive. My tang seems to like getting cleaned.
  2. bacia

    10 Nov. Happy 231st Birthday Marines

    My mom was (is) a marine in WW2. As my mom says, "once a Marine, always a Marine". She taught me to appreciate and respect this country. Made sure the whole family stood up every time a flag would go by in the 4th of July parade in our little home town. Did that even when it was not a...
  3. bacia

    cyclop-eeze question

    I feed this to my fish/corals by doing kinda like V said. I actually mix it with reef-bugs which takes 30 minutes to do. But I would think 15 minutes for the cyclop-eeze by itself would work too.
  4. bacia

    Nova extreme t-5 with lunar lights

    I have the Nova T5s on my 58 and my two 75 gal tanks. I really like them. On one 75 I have the unit you are talking about. I have shrooms, LTA, leathers, polyps, palys, torch, nepthea and lobophyllia. All are happy. The other 75 has the Nova with 8 T5s. I have monti, pavona, pectinia...
  5. bacia

    aargh!! some moving questions please?

    I moved the contents of a 58 galllon tank from north east Kentucky to north west Indiana. I emptied the tank and put the sand in a plastic tub, the fish,shrimps and corals in individual plastic containers in styro containers, except for the 3 LTA and 3 cinni clowns. They all went togther in...
  6. bacia

    OK freaked out by Live Rock

    I found small bristle worms in my tank also. I put in a mated pair of coral banded shrimp from my other tank and they are taking care of the worms. I saw both of them eating one. It was rather interesting. I didn't see them catch it but I did see them eating it. They kind of mashed/killed...
  7. bacia

    question from the noob

    I have made DIY rock from concrete and arraganite sand. I found instructions at GARF dot org. I have it in my 75 gal tank and it is starting to look like the other real rock. Great thing is that you can shape it any way you like. GARF has some ideas for you if you look at the pictures. Just...
  8. bacia

    Skunk/Coral Banded Shrimp??

    I have a mated pair of CBS that were living fine with 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 fire red shrimp and a pistol shrimp in a 75 gal tank. I never had any problems. There was a lot of live rock and places for all the shrimp to hide. That could make a difference I guess. I just move the pair into a new...
  9. bacia

    125 2nd floor ????

    When you look up at the plywood do you see any nails or screws? If you do are they running in a line at all? If you can make out a line that would be your joist. The plywood would be nailed or screwed to the joist and the line is the way the joist would run. Put the tank against a wall where...
  10. bacia

    You should be ashamed of youself

    Sly your point would be better received if instead of just ranting and raving you would explain your point of view. What is the science behind your opinion? I have a plenum with a DSB and a bit of crushed coral sprinkled on top because I like the look and it works the best for me.
  11. bacia

    150 reef from start to finish

    IM kinda new at this too so IM just posing questions to think about. Instead of having the tank drilled (which would mean he would have to empty it) couldn't he just get one of those plastic hang on skimmer boxes that have another plastic box on the outside of the tank that runs to a sump...
  12. bacia

    Do Toadstools multiply on their own?

    WOW. I thought that they might be babies. Thanks mrdc and fedukeford. If it makes you feel any better the toadstool was in a set up tank that I bought with everything in it about 5 months ago. This toadstool was big then. It has grown alot though. It seems to really like the T5's it's...
  13. bacia

    Do Toadstools multiply on their own?

    I have a toadstool in a 75 and it is getting huge! I have heard you can cut pieces off of them but do they multiply on their own? Mine has what looks like baby toadstools growing under the top about half inch from where the polyps are. First I thought it was crazy polyps growing under the...
  14. bacia

    Photos of Fragging the Beast!

    Originally Posted by hot883 The thread is 2 years old. The photo's get deleted to save space. The thread might have started 2 years ago but on 8/31/2006 he said he found the pictures and would repost. I would love to see those pictures :joy:
  15. bacia

    Photos of Fragging the Beast!

    Originally Posted by Cayman Isl Hey everybody, guess what!!! I found the pictures!! I will try to get them organized and reposted if I can figure out how to get them embedded into the posts..... ...sad thing is I sold my reef system before the move to Florida and am currently tankless! although...
  16. bacia

    What brought you to this site and why do you stay?

    Originally Posted by Dustbunny My friend was researching angelfish he could put in his brand-new tank, after I saw it I took a look at the forums and I haven't gotten off my computer yet. This is the first forum I've ever joined seriously and (one day and about 50 cups of coffee later) the only...
  17. bacia

    diy acrylic overflow on glass?

    I got a 75 gal Oceanic tank for free and the over flow is done a little different than what you said. I don't know how old this tank is or any of it's history but the overflow looks like it is factory installed. The tank has drain and return holes drilled in the bottom at the back, left...
  18. bacia

    moving ........ aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh

    How long is the travel time?
  19. bacia

    whats the next size up from a 265g?

    Sorry, Sebae. I had to work late today. Gardenbacia at aol
  20. bacia

    whats the next size up from a 265g?

    Originally Posted by kpatrick may be a stupid question but when it comes to tanks over 300gallons do you want acrylic or glass? Whats the benefit? I'd like to know about glass vs acrylic too. I know acrylic is lighter but scratches easier. Sebae -- I'd like that link.