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  1. sailfin

    My Little Reef

    Here are some recent pics of my tank. Enjoy.
  2. sailfin

    Chevron Tang?

    Anybody have any pictures of these guys? I have been wanting one for a while, but can't find any around here locally. Before I order one off the web, I would like to see some pictures. Help the man out.
  3. sailfin

    Acro Help

    All of my SPS are doing great, but the Acro's all tend to turn brown. My montipora's retain their coloration. I am running dual 175 watt 10K's on my 75g. Is that the problem? Has anyone else experienced the same issues? Please advise. Also let me know if you need any more tank info.
  4. sailfin

    Protein Skimmer Calibration

    I have just recently got an Aqua Medic Turboflotor 1000 Multi and when I turn on the pump it produces a lot of bubbles but it is more of a wet foam than dry. The collection cup fills up within minutes and the foam is so wet it causes the cup to leak around the base. Does anyone have one of...
  5. sailfin

    Growth Sequences

    Just a few growth sequences. Enoy.
  6. sailfin

    Partial Wet/Dry for Sale

    I have just added a refugium to my tank and no longer have room for my wet/dry. What is left I am willing to sell. I have the sump, bioballs, and the little skimmer that came with it. The skimmer actually works pretty good if you don't have one already. I am located in the Chattanooga, TN...
  7. sailfin

    A Few Coral Pics

    Just wanted to share a few pictures. Enjoy...
  8. sailfin

    Ammonia Issues...Please Read

    I decided to do a complete levels check tonight since I have just started to add alkalinity to the tank. Long story short. My ammonia is all out of whack. It is reading 1.0-1.5 ppm. It has always been .25 or below. I only have two fish, a blue-green chromis and a sixline, in my 75 gallon...
  9. sailfin

    A Few New Frags!!!

    Here are a few frags I got a local frag swap this weekend. Enjoy...
  10. sailfin

    Hang on Skimmer - Which One?

    I am currently looking for a hang on skimmer. Is there a good one? If so what brand? Thanks in advance... :happyfish
  11. sailfin

    Pinktail Trigger 4 Sale in TN

    Hey guys. If anyone is interested I have decided to sell my pinktail trigger. It has gotten to large for my system. This guy is better than a dog. Very friendly and loves attention. He/she has never bothered a snail, crab or any coral. Please let me know if you are interested and we can...
  12. sailfin

    Nudibranch vs Apitasia

    Can someone tell me the name of the nudibranch that has a diet of strictly apitasia? I know there is one and I am looking to make a purchase, but cannot seem to find it anywhere. :notsure:
  13. sailfin

    Lawnmower Blenny Troubles

    I have now had two lawnmower blennies die on me. They are fat and eating flake food when I get them. After a couple of months in my tank they get paper thin and die. I put nori in the tank and everything. My SPS amd LPS corals are doing fine. I also have a powder brown tang and a six line...
  14. sailfin

    Ammonia Problem and Question

    I have noticed that my star polyps have been closed for a couple of days. I decided to check my chemistry tonight and here is what I found. Ammonia = 1 ppm Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 0 Should I use an ammonia locking agent and do some water changes? Or, should I just concern myself with some water...
  15. sailfin

    Cool New Zoos!!

    Just thought I'd share a pic of my new zoos. I really like the different combination of colors. Have a looksee.
  16. sailfin

    Attaching Corals??

    I finally got an orange monti cap over the weekend and I need to attach it to the LR in my tank. I bought some epoxy puddy from Loctite. Is this stuff reef safe? Does anyone know what to look for that might make a product such as this not reef safe. Any suggestions would be great. Keep a...
  17. sailfin

    Coral Update with Pics.

    This is probably a lame post, but I just took some pics for the aquarium of the month threads and noticed how much two of my first corals have grown in only two to three months. My lights went out before I could capture my star polyps but tomorrow they will be posted as well. For now my brain...
  18. sailfin

    Tube Anemone ?

    Do tube anemones have to be placed on the sandbed?
  19. sailfin

    Pinktail Trigger and Reef

    Well I did it. I finally bought the trigger I have been wanting for a while now. I had the LFS special order it. So far it has been in the tank for a week w/o killing my blood fire shrimp! He has his eye on my scarlets though. :nope: Here are some pics of the fish and some of my first...
  20. sailfin

    Blackspot, Zebra Angelfish?

    Has anyone ever keept one of these?? We are currently trying to find a centerpiece fish for our reef tank. Just curious if anybody has any experience.