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  1. sonny

    what can kill a clam

    Bristle worms can and will attack clams. They will enter the clam from below, through the bysal opening. That is why some people say not to put clams on sand, as this is an invitation to the bristle worms in the sand. Make sure you know what clams need. Most species of Tridactna clams...
  2. sonny

    92 Gallon Lighting

    If you're talking about the 92 gallon corner tank, That is a perfect size to use one 400 watt Metal halide over. The color temp depends on what you want to keep. The 10,000 k's look very nice, but are not as bright as the 6,500 k lamps. You could use your fluorescent lights for actinic...
  3. sonny

    92 Gallon Lighting

    If you're talking about the 92 gallon corner tank, That is a perfect size to use one 400 watt Metal halide over. The color temp depends on what you want to keep. The 10,000 k's look very nice, but are not as bright as the 6,500 k lamps. You could use your fluorescent lights for actinic...
  4. sonny


    While I think the dimmable lights are really cool, they are not really necessary for a successful tank. I think the icecap ballast is worth the money, but the dimming module costs more than the ballast! I recommend getting the icecap 660, and if you have more cash later on, you could add the...
  5. sonny


    I have had good experience with both Little Giant and Iwaki, but I like the Iwakis better. They are a little quieter than the Little Giants I have used (I haven't tried the "SQ" types), and are very strong. They also have "fins" on the motor so that it's like a built-in fan. The Iwakis are...
  6. sonny

    Looking to Buy a 120/125 Gallon - Ideas/Bargains

    You can get a brand new 125 at a large retail chain that I will not mention the name of (but it starts with "Pet") for about $350. Look in the want ads often, as you will occasionally see a used one for sale. You would be "smart" to check out the large retailer I mentioned. Sonny
  7. sonny

    Niger Trigger reef safe?

    The Huma huma trigger will eat the crabs and probably the snails too! They are not reef safe. The Niger triggers are considered planktavores, and some will not even bother shrimps. Just watch them if you try to keep shrimps with them. Sonny
  8. sonny

    designing a tank

    While you could certainly get a tank built to that size, I believe you would not enjoy it. You can scrape algae with magnets, but your main problem will be dealing with moving rocks, removing detritus, and general maintenance. A tank that deep definately needs metal halide lighting to...
  9. sonny

    chocolate chip

    The choco chip and the angel will be fine together... Generally you don't want choco chip star in a reef setup, as they will eat clams, some corals, and many other things you don't want them to touch. Sonny
  10. sonny

    bulbs for refugium

    You can use a cheap grow light you buy at Wal-mart for a refugium. You're growing plants, not corals in there. They need a little more red light than corals. I like the idea of running them opposite of the main tank lights to counteract the fluctuating ph at night. Sonny
  11. sonny

    problem with raising pH in reef

    Ph and alkalinity go hand in hand. If the ph is not coming up, you need to check the alkalinity. It should be 3.0 to 3.5 meq/l. If you use kalkwasser, it will help keep your akalinity up, but will tend to raise the ph more than you want if you use too much. Dosing it only at night will help...
  12. sonny

    pH measurement

    The FasTest kit has been the one I've used for years, but if you have problems reading it, try another. Salifert and LaMotte are excellent kits, and the Red Sea kits are good too, and includes the alkalinity test in the ph kit. If you really want to be accurate, invest in a ph meter. If you...
  13. sonny


    Seahorses are not that hard to keep, but they do have special needs. They don't mix well with fish, because they can't compete with fish for food. They also don't like a lot of current, as this whisks away their food, and they starve. If you want to keep seahorses, get captive raised...
  14. sonny

    DIY Chiller

    Actually, air conditioners, refrigerators, and anything that "cools" don't add cold, they remove heat. I think the key to this device working (I'm not familiar with it) would be the use of a fan to remove the the heat out of the aquarium stand. Where do you find these devices? Sonny
  15. sonny

    Adding VHO, MH or PC question.....

    The difference in the amount of light you get out of the 2 extra VHO's would be worth the loss of separate control. I think 4 tubes is about the most you could get over a 55, and later you could upgrade to a dimmer system. If you buy a 660 ballast, the new ones shouldn't need to be upgraded to...
  16. sonny

    Adding VHO, MH or PC question.....

    I really think that VHO is the best lighting for smaller tanks. I consider anything under 100 gallons to be small. With a width of only 12 inches, you are wasting the light from metal halides, which are suited for deep and large tanks. While you can get MH lights over the tank, heat will be a...
  17. sonny

    New Tank, When to start supplements

    I hate to disagree with everybody, but it would not hurt anything to start adding calcium buffers or kalkwasser while the live rock is curing, as a matter of fact, it will be helpful. This will help stimulate the growth of corraline algae, and help keep the ugly hair algae from starting. It...
  18. sonny

    What do these things do and what is there purpose.

    A UV Sterilizer uses a germicidal bulb that kills bacteria and protozoans in the water that passes through it. It also kills plankton, so I don't think you want one on a reef tank. They are useful on fish only tanks to help control disease, as it kills the free swimming part of the disease...
  19. sonny

    screw in bulb

    I know what you're talking about, but I've never actually seen one in use. They are actually similar to halide lights, and the ballast is built into them. They are not much different in cost to halide bulbs, but you don't have to have a special ballast, so in the long run they are probably...
  20. sonny

    power loss

    You can buy a generator for around $400, but that's a lot to spend "just in case," and also you have to be there to use it. It doesn't take a lot of power to run the pump, and I have heard of people making their own UPS for the main pump using car batteries and a DC to AC converter. There is...