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  1. diablo

    my new seahorse pair

    here is couple not very good pics of my seahorse pair
  2. diablo

    Lets see some SPS

    heres a couple of mine
  3. diablo

    Lets see some Zoo's

    post you pics of your zoo's here's a shot of my pinks
  4. diablo

    Been awile but here you go!!

    Its been awile since I updated so here you go!!
  5. diablo

    anyone got experiance with purple tile goby's

    anyone got experiance with purple tile goby's??? i bought one 2 months ago and he is fine but now i have no sand sifting gobies left, is he the one killing them. i bought a twin spot and i saw him pick on him, just a quick nip i thought it was just a territory thing. twin spot went to other side...
  6. diablo

    show me some pics of your sps

    show me some pics of your sps also include your k rating on your mh's? how many watts per gallon? how many watts K/atenic? oh dont forget size of tank!!!!! MAKE ME
  7. diablo

    anyone got a flame hawk in their reef??

    anyone got a flame hawk in their reef tank???? if so what is his intentions when it comes to other fish and corals?? got pic's???????
  8. diablo

    is this the cutest blenny!!!!!

    is this the cutest blenny you've seen lately you think a lawmower would get along with him?
  9. diablo

    would you pay????

    would you pay $130 for this yuma shroom :notsure:
  10. diablo

    how hot is fatel to swf

    right now i am concerned. it has finnally gottin hot in seattle and im trippin........ my tank temp on my fowlr is 86 deg. i have a chiller on my reef. but how hot is too hot for these guys i feel so bad for them right now. i have put ice cubes in a ziplock bag and floated them. they melted too...
  11. diablo

    help green hair and pest anemone

    help :help: :help: :help: i am starting to get hair algae and need to get rid of it what eats it i have lawnmover blenny. its still there :help: :help: and also i have pest anemone's first they looked cool now they are splitting all over how to remove them is the question. not aptasia but...
  12. diablo

    bird wrasse pair?

    i am about to get a female for the male i bought today. the lfs didnt know that it was a pair according to a online site the brown are females and the green are males. is this true would i be ok if i get the other one too?
  13. diablo

    mixing triggers?????

    anybody mixed triggers together if so what kind and if any other tank mates that survived? right now i have a niger and some other fish but love triggers. what you guys think would be tank mates or food lol and post your favorite trigger photos :D
  14. diablo

    2 slowflakes???

    can i put 2 snowflake eels in a 90 gal together??? anyway to tell sexes?? will they mate snowflakes are so common can you bred them in captivity?
  15. diablo

    lion fish stings

    anyone been stung by a lion fish????? i just got my first one today. I am alittle nervous about it. how bad is it?
  16. diablo

    what is this fish/eel thing

    he buries himself in the sand all the time i never see him but i scared him out. he is in my reef what you think it is.. im not shure i would like to know more about it. what it eats. friend or foe in my reef :help: sorry about pics best i could do with the time he was out :help:
  17. diablo

    new pics what you think

    heres some new pics of my 90 gal
  18. diablo

    help im battling cyano

    im battling cyano it is in my refuge :scared: as well i have started the first step of cutting back the lights to 7 hours. now my question is if i turn off my lights on the refuge will it have negative affects or will it not matter. what about chem clean i dont like chemicals but i hate red...
  19. diablo

    looking to buy store displays

    im starting my own shop in seattle looking for displays
  20. diablo

    what you got in western wash

    what you got in washington state west side perfered but if you got something i want bad enuf will drive to oregon, idaho, east of the mountains no prob. tell me what you got. tanks corals fish filters lighting whatever tell me :scared: