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    Please help identify Orange Bubbles

    Can anyone identify the orange bubble looking things in this picture? They just showed up on my rock and I have never seen them before. Water paramaters are good but Im going to do a water change just in case. Thanks Kyle
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    Sump/Fuge Design

    I am trying to design a Sump/Fuge for a 150 gallon tank. I plan on it being out of a 55 gallon. Just wondering if this design looks ok or if it needs some adjusting. The section with the skimmer is 14 inches and the one with the fuge is 14 inches as well. Each baffle is 2 inches apart. I liked...
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    Spot on CC Star

    I was feeding the fish tonight and noticed this spot on my CC Star fish. It is right in between its "legs". Can anyone help to identify what this could be? If you to fix it. Thanks Kyle
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    Help Help Help

    I found the watchman...he looks really bad he was stuck under a rock but is still alive..what do i do i dont have a seprate tank to put him in to i leave him in there and hope for the best or shoud i take him out and put him in a somthing by himself???? please help
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    Yellow Watchman

    I cant find my yellow watchman..he usually sits on top of the same rock and now I have not seen him since yesterday morning. Any ideas?
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    Plural for fish?

    Just a little debate here at work... so is fishes a word or is the the plural word for fish just fish? Thanks! I have 10 fish or I have 10 fishes?
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    Some Invert Pics

    Just a couple pics of the inverts...they felt left out!
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    Aqua C remora surface skimmer box

    Im trying to get a hold of a surface skimmer box for the aqua c remora with the maxi jet 1200. Hopefully this will help with the bubbles if not at least it will hide the pump. Let me know if anyone has one to sell. Thanks
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    Ich treatment setup question

    I want to know if a 10gal tank would be a large enough set up for a royal gramma, wrassee, and flame angel? I dont have the tank now and all the sudden noticed the white dots all over the fish..especially the angel. If I get the tank in the morning can I add water from the DT or do I need to...
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    My first tank pics!!!

    Let me know what you think, any suggestions? I know that I need to add to my clean up crew, right now its only about 10 blue leg hermits. :happyfish
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    My first tank pics!!!

    double post sorry
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    Will this system work?

    Right now I have an eclipse...finding out after i got going that this system is more for freshwater than salt. So I just ordered PC lighting 30" 130w and the guy at the LFS told me that if I get rid of the eclipse system and get an aqua c remora skimmer, that would be all that I need. Does this...
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    Flow question

    I just added my first fish to my 29gal FOWLR and I have one powerhead (Maxi jet 900) and my filter in it. Looks like the litte clown fish is having some what of a hard time swimming against the current. Is this possible or is he just feeling things out taking his time to get used to the new...
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    What is this worm?

    Hey can anyone help me out with what this worm is? I have seen him in the tank for the last couple of days and could not catch him. Finally got it last night when it got onto a small rock that it had no where really to hide on. It is pretty good size like 6-8 inches. I have a 29 gal tank...
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    Protein Skimmer

    Im just starting my first tank it is 29 gal. I have my live sand and about 30lbs of LR. From what im reading on here it looks like with a smaller a tank a skimmer is a must? I have not added fish yet and think im going to just stick with fish for awhile. Maybe someday in the future go for the...