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  1. jayson417

    Clown Fish in Trouble

    Hello, I purchased a Marroon Clown about 3 Months ago. We'll now for the last week or so he won't eat. I can't figure this out because if he didn't eat for a week he would be dead, But now he is starting to sit on the bottom and do nothing. Para: A = 0 PH = 8.3 Nitrate = 20 Nitrite = 0 SL = .25...
  2. jayson417

    New Choco Chip Star for Bitten

    Hello, I finally got my Choco Star i always wanted and today when i went to my tank to see the little guy i find a hermit crab latched on trying to bite him. After i moved him off i notice 2 scratches of sorts on him and one of his little tentacles broken off and stuck on the glass. I'm not...
  3. jayson417

    Ordering some Anemones

    Hello, I have a 10 Coupon from SWF so i figure i'd order an Anemone for my new Clownfish. My question is i also have 2 hermit crabs about 1 and half inches in length. Will they bother it? Thanks :)
  4. jayson417

    new Maroon Clown hiding alot

    Hello, I recently got my new Maroon Clown and so far he is just hiding. ts been 2 days and he only eats the food that floats by him when i feed them. I attached pictures. Is this normal for him to hide 24/7 Thanks in advance. :)
  5. jayson417

    Fake Plants?

    Hello, Question here, What fake plants can go in SW? any? The guy at my LFS tried to sell me some but it didnt say 'saltwater safe'. Trying to add some color to my tank. Also if i put copper in my tank will that kill a sponge? Thanks in advance everyone.
  6. jayson417

    Shaving Brush or Maidens Hair Plant with Copper?

    Hello, I was looking into purchasing a Shaving Brush or two and a Maidens Hair Plant but i dosed my tank with copper 17 days ago because of ick. Will these plants survive as i know inverts, coral and Anem's will die. Thanks, Jay
  7. jayson417

    Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter

    What does this product do?
  8. jayson417

    How often do i feed my fish?

    Hello, How often should i be feeling my fish. Right now its once a day with Mysis, Brine mix with flakes. Below is the stock list. Foxface Dogface Puffer Lunare Wrasse 3 damsels 3 hermit crabs ( 1 white leg about 1/2 inch long and two red legs about1inch long.) Thanks in advance :)
  9. jayson417

    Sick Raccoon Butterfly

    Hello, I recently purchased a Raccoon Buttery fly from my LFS about 1 month ago. So i was about to put him in the DT when i noticed he has white tissue exposed and now his fins are completely gone. What could this be?I'm so lost i don't think its ick or fin rot.
  10. jayson417

    Live Rock vs Base Rock

    So i have a question. Recently i had met someone who was selling Base Rock that was cycled for 5 months. Not much life on it but it was rather cheap ( $1.99 LB ) So i put it in my tank with my Fuji live rock for seeding. Will the fuji help the live rock become a proper filter? Or did i just...
  11. jayson417

    New Fishy! Sweetlips Clown

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to share my new addition to my tank. Got a Sweetlips Clown. She is the greatest looking fish I've seen. She is even eating frozen foods right off the bat!
  12. jayson417

    Coraline on LR

    Hello, I purchased LR from my LFS and online. The tank has been est for about 4 months now but i don't see anything :( Can you look at my pic's and tell me any info? Thanks, J
  13. jayson417

    Trip to my LFS :(

    Well, I just got back from my LFS, Had to bring my puffer to him for a trade in as he just got to big for me to keep. It was so hard for me i loved him like my dog. Was able to pet him and everything and when i opened the lid he used to spit at me when he was hungry. He was so upset in the bag i...
  14. jayson417

    Sump Media

    Hello, I have a sump currently using Bio Balls, I was wondering what other media can be used other then BioBalls that will work good or better. Thanks, J
  15. jayson417

    Tank turned green!

    Hello, I recently had an outbreak of ICK, So i went to the store to get some Coppersafe and when i returned the tank was green! What could be the cause? Pictures Below. Help Please
  16. jayson417

    Possible Ick

    Hello, So i noticed yesterday my fish were scratching a little when i woke up this morning i had a damsel completely covered in white spots. So i gave the tank a huge dose of API Super ICK Cure. Now my question is the white spots seem to fall off the damsel after he started swimming. Is this ick...
  17. jayson417

    Clown not eating

    Hello, I recently purchased two Clowns, For the last 4 days they wont eat at all. This morning i woke up and 3 of my crabs where chowing down on one of them. Why wouldn't they eat. I don't have an Anemone for it to host with. Water Per are perfect.
  18. jayson417

    Tomato Clown's acting wierd

    Hello, I recently bought 2 Tomato Clowns from my LFS and they aren't eating. I've tried dry and froze foods but nothing. Could they be sick?
  19. jayson417

    Interested in Anemones

    I had a question about putting an Anemone in my tank. My current stock is Foxface Reef Safe Wrasse 2 Damsels 3 Large Hermit Crabs ( 1-2 Inches ) 2 Tomato Clowns I'm thinking the hermits will kill it. What about Starfish? or something like that. Any feedback about what you would do is welcome.
  20. jayson417

    Changing Filters

    Hello, I recently setup a 55 Gallon SW Tank ( 3 months ago ) and i first started it with a AquaClear 50 and a Fuval 305. Now i finally got my Wet/Dry ready and i was wondering if there is a procedure about adding a new filter and removing the old ones. I'm afraid the bacteria will be lost...