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  1. peter1215

    TEK vs Current USA Pro T5

    I would like to purchase some T5's for my 40g reef soon and Im debating between the TEK T5 (6 x 39w bulbs) or the Current USA Nova Extreme prop lamps(same # bulbs & watts). are these relatively the same ?
  2. peter1215

    who has a fowlers tang?

    One of the lfs i go to has an awesome fowlers tang and would love to get him but someone told me they are hard to keep alive. Is this correct ? I would like to confirm this before spending $250 on a tang. I would appreciate any input from those familiar with this tang. Pete
  3. peter1215

    How long do you run carbon?

    I'm curious how long do people with fowlr tanks run activated carbon since its considered to be one of the culprits that cause HLLE. I currently run chemipure everyday but I'm considering reducing to every other week.
  4. peter1215

    My brave bluethroat trigger

    Last night my blue throat trigger went through an ordeal but he's still alive and kick'n today. First off ,i was trying to catch him becasue i need to QT him due cloudy eye and scratching at times the last few days(no ich ) . Looks like he had flukes in his eyes. Well he wanted no part of...
  5. peter1215

    Octo Extreme 250

    I'm in the marktet for a skimmer and im seriously considering buying the Octopus Extreme 250 for my 210. Please provide any feedback on this skimmer . thanks
  6. peter1215

    Rock Beauty Angels

    My lfs sold me a nice size Rock Beauty angel for a great price. I know their record in captivity is not great. Does anyone here have one now or can you advise the best way to keep these angels alive?
  7. peter1215

    Queen angel vs Personifer

    I have a chance to trade a medium size queen angel (6') for a slighlty smaller male Personifer angel. would you make this trade? I know the personifer cost more but that is not a variable. I'm only looking to keep the one that would be my prize/show angel in the tank.
  8. peter1215

    can i mix these clowns?

    Ive been in this hobby for a while but never really got into clowns until recently. Ive had a clarkii now for about six months that hosts and an anemone. A friend just gave us a cinamon clown which ive been keeping in my 30g qt for two weeks now. I would like to eventully put him in the 220...
  9. peter1215

    suggestion for a new fish

    I would like to add one or two more fish to my 220 fowlr. what do you guys suggest? would love to get a crosshatch trigger or clarion angel but too expensive for me right now. would adding another large angel like a blueface or an asfur be too risky? the fish below have been together for...
  10. peter1215

    getting an emperor to eat

    Ive had my emperor two weeks now and hes been doing great. eating well , good adult coloration and no visible signs of any diseases or parasites. hes was eating spectrum pellets, mysis and O.N frozen formulas. for about the last to days he hasnt paid too much attention to the food. any...
  11. peter1215

    20g qt too small

    I just picked up and awsome Emperor from my lfs in full adult colors. hes about 5-6" and eventually going into my 210 DT. I was planning to qt in a 55g but the bottom plastic frame on the qt broke and cant find a replacement frame. I'm afreaid to use the tank without the bottom plastic frame...
  12. peter1215

    QT question

    If my LFS held a fish for three weeks and hes fine , can i just qt him for one more week? or should i qt for three weeks anyway?
  13. peter1215

    LTB mag 12

    LTB mag 12 ...I have a mag 24 that i dont need that i can trade . located in central Jersey 07747
  14. peter1215

    Life Reef Skimmers

    can i get some feed back on skimmers by Life Reef systems. i know someone in my club who has one and says its pretty good but pricey.. I believe they are venturi skimmers and the copmany claims they are bettor than beckett, needlewheels or downdraft skimmers!!!
  15. peter1215

    LTB mag 9.5

    looking to buy mag 9.5 for my reef devil deluxe
  16. peter1215

    Life Guard ?

    Is anyone familiar with a product called Life Gaurd by Instant Ocean? Is it ok to use as a preventative when qt new fish? also, can it be used during hypo? i know things like copper cant be used with hypo so not sure if this applied to other medications
  17. peter1215

    salinity for fowlr

    I'd like to know what is your salinity level for your fowlr tanks.. I personally prefer 1.019 - 1.020. dont know if it was a coincidence but at these levels ive never had ich outbreaks.
  18. peter1215

    Fs: 2 -20g L Tank And Iron Stands

    I have 2 - 20g long tanks with Iron stands - $45 each located in Old Bridge NJ - 07747 Pete
  19. peter1215

    friday order from SWF

    can someone tell me when you should receive a fish if i order from this site on a friday night or saturday ?
  20. peter1215

    getting out of hypo?

    I have a blue throat trigger in my qt for a few weeks. i am ready to move him to the dt. the salinity in the qt is 1.009. can i just acclimate him verly slowly to the dt water and put him in the same day? I dont want to raise the salinity in the qt becasue i have one other fish in there.