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  1. leopard_babe

    Fish for dirty sand bed

    I have 3 chromis in my tank, and 10 snails. I am going to add a fish this week. Today I noticed I have 2 dead spots in my tank, that seem to be collecting food and such. I have tried moving my powerheads, but due to my rockwork, it is going to be a problem. Is there a fish, invert, cuc...
  2. leopard_babe

    Keeping a cleaner shrimp

    Never had one. Would love to try to keep one. I know that they CLEAN. What do they eat? Are they hardy? When can you add one? My tank is almost through cycling. I am still working on a stock list. Can you keep one with a blue spotted puffer?
  3. leopard_babe

    Attn: fallensynner on Starting 180

    I didn't want to highjack the other thread. I had a ray I fed 2 times a day. which was messy and the reason for frequent water changes. I fed squid, octopus, mysis shrimp some feeder fish. I was lucky all my fish would eat frozen food. I probably spent.. (its been 2 years) $50 in food/month...
  4. leopard_babe

    Getting to know your fellow hobbyist

    Well, I know there are rules on this site. However, I talk to some of you guys everday, I know what your tanks look like, I trust your opinion. I thought... lets do a getting to know eachother a little better, without breaking any rules. In a clean and friendly manner. Hobby, family, pet...
  5. leopard_babe

    Halloween and Scary Movies

    So I am sitting here and am looking for a good scary movie to watch. So I thought that I would make a thread about it. What is your favorite scary movie?? I am a huge Freddie fan. To narrow it down to one, is hard. I am always a sucker for an original. lol
  6. leopard_babe


    One the eye it and buy it there is a video of this most intersting fish eating. Is a remora a fish or a shark? It is hard to tell when it is right side up or upside down. Fasinating fish!!!
  7. leopard_babe

    Batik Starfish

    I was looking at all the starfish on and saw the picture of the Batik Starfish. I searched this web page and googled Batik Starfish, but got no information. Anybody know anything about this type of starfish
  8. leopard_babe

    Quick, ls question

  9. leopard_babe


    Anyone ever kept one?? I always wanted one, but I can't find very much information on them. I love the lettuce Nudibranch , and the purple one (forgot the name of it), that they have on Any opinions, or even better pix??
  10. leopard_babe

    Choosing a Clean up crew

    So I am cycling my 46 bowfront. In the past I have had only snails in my tanks for a clean up crew. In my old 180 aggressive the "crew" usually became lunch. I plan on not getting into to many corals, since my house is for sale. If I decide to do zooz, mushrooms and a few polyps... maybe...
  11. leopard_babe

    Spotted puffer

    I have kept puffers in the past. From what I have read, the hawaiian blue spotted puffer seems to be a smaller puffer. Could it go in a 46 bow FOWLR?? I have been doing research on them, but I can't find anything ath says how big they can get. Anyone?? Pics are welcome. lol
  12. leopard_babe

    What are your cleaning secrets??

    So I have been reading and looking at all off the beautiful tanks my fellow hobbyist keep. I was wondering what you all do to control your algea. I have fought it in all my tanks. I started to use ro water, bought a skimmer, doing weekly water changes, and boosted up my cleanup crew. Some of...
  13. leopard_babe

    Grrr... new tank, new water

    So I filled my new tank with r/o water with added satl/let the filters run. I tested the ph alk, and salinity (i am working on refractometer, one new investment at a time) here it goes ph 8.0 salinity 1.021 alk low So If I add more salty water to my tank and bring the salinity to 1.023, which...
  14. leopard_babe

    Chromis school?

    So I am trying to put a list of fish together for when my tank is ready to go. I had green chromis before. How many do you need to have them school?? Got any pictures of schooling fish?? What are some other small schooling fish?
  15. leopard_babe

    From Start till.....

    So I am trying to take pictures and post them. So more of less this is a practice thread for me. lol I started my tank over again. 46 bowfront Aquatic wet dry/Skimmer included Pc lights 10000k, aqutinics Thermometer via aqua 200w cap 1800 for return cap 1800 for skimmer 2 cap 200 in tank This...
  16. leopard_babe

    What to do first?

    You know when you put your tank together and you are like "next time i am gonna do this first or this different". I have -sand 60lbs -lr 50lbs be here on weds - ro saltwater mixed about 48 hours ago how would you fill the tank? Sand and a little water first then rock?? Or sand and rock then...
  17. leopard_babe

    Wet dry with no bioballs

    So I have been doing research all over again. Instead of bioballs in my wet dry filter what can I use?? In my wet dry where the bioballs are at Can I put liverock there instead?? Or is a wet dry made so that you can only have bioballs? Thank you!!!
  18. leopard_babe

    Dead.. live sand

    So I don't want this to sound like a dumb question. I have sand that at one point was "live sand". it has been in a sealed container for about a year and a half. Can I add new live sand to it, or should I pitch it? I know that it is know longer alive, but I wondered if added new "live sand"...
  19. leopard_babe

    Curing live rock

    So I am going to cure my liverock that i have ordered from Yay!!! Since I have to cycle my tank anyways... Can I cure the rock in the tank?? When should I add the shrimp?? Its funny how fast you forget some of this stuff. lol
  20. leopard_babe shipping

    I have never ordered from, but was curious about there shipping. I cannot find that information on the website. Could someone tell me if I buy rock, or sand how long does it take to ship?? If you buy fish how long does it take to get the fish?? Is it a UPS delivery?? Do you have to...