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  1. mandarin w

    Time for some eye candy (Site safe)

    Lets see your eye candy. Heres mine.
  2. mandarin w

    Remeber to wear your protection!!!

    Please remember to wear protection when working in your tank, And fraging. This evening we were informed that one of the boys that works at the LFS was fraging some zoo's he got zoanthid juice in his eye. Today when he when in to work, he fainted and came to. They got him up in the chair, and...
  3. mandarin w

    OT. But great news.

    If you live in the mid-west, you probly heard about the little boy that was kidnapped on last Monday. They have found him.alive and OK. They also found a boy that was kidnapped in Missorri over 4 years ago. he was also found alive. Both boys are being taken to the hospital to be check out...
  4. mandarin w

    How do you contact?/??

    How do you contact an administrator, I'm getting tired of these darn ---- hobbist freaks posting on here. Then I try to notify the mods, but I find now way to notify them. Isn't there a button somewhere that I am not finding, some kind of report this thread, whatever. This is really getting...
  5. mandarin w

    Meet my fish.

    I am bored tonight, so I thought I would take some pictures of my fish. I couldn't get pictures of all of them, some are very camera shy. While these guys see me and they come swimming out to so hi. (ok, truth be told, they are saying feed me again, but I like to lie to myself ) This is my...
  6. mandarin w

    Corallife pc cleaning info

    Well I've talked about it before, and I thought tonight I would take picture and show you how to do it. We spend a lot of money on our equipment, and unfortantly they don't include cleaning instructions with these light. If the lights are not properly cared for, the fans clog up and can not...
  7. mandarin w

    looking for a couple of items

    I'm looking to buy a couple of items. 1/2 hp chiller UV sterlizer at least 18 watts protien skimmer- berlin torbo classic insump If you have any of these items or something simular, in good to excellent working order please let me know.
  8. mandarin w

    casting a line out, see what kind of bits I get

    I recently aquired a 180gal RR tank, Now the land lord says I can't set up a tank that size in my second floor apt. I can only go up to a 135 gal. So I was wondering if any one has a 135 gal RR they might want to trade even up for. I can't give you a lot of info about this tank because I...
  9. mandarin w

    WTB Live Rock

    I live in the metro St. Louis area. I'm searching for live rock. If you have any and can get me a good price let me know. I need any thing. I inhereted a 180 gal tank. Got a lot of work to do to get it back in shape. But it had no live rock or sand. So as you can see. Even if you have...
  10. mandarin w

    Want to buy system St. Louis area

    I would like to find a 120-150 gal RR system in to St, Louis area. Mainly interested in a system with tank, stand, sump, canopy. I will probly get my own lights and pumps.
  11. mandarin w


    Is all R/O water the same. I know some units have a DI on them. But what I need to know is the R/O at my LFS cost .96 cents a gallon. At my grocery store it is .46 cents a gallon. I checked it does say "Reverse Osmosis ". So can I get the water at my grocery store, and my own salt and save...
  12. mandarin w

    on mission to salvage

    About two weeks ago, I resued a 29 gal tank. It was in probly to worse condition a tank could be in. First of all the people who had set this tank up were using only a air pump with that little box (the one we all used as kids, box, carbon and cotton) air line runs to air pump. That was the...
  13. mandarin w

    how do you tell

    I'm thinking of purchasing a 150 gal tank, 48x24x30. I want to get this tank drilled so I can use a sump and refuge system under the tank. But while inquireing about where to get this done. I keep getting that aquariums are tempered glass, and cannot be drilled. But I know I see it done all...
  14. mandarin w

    Live (Well it used to be) Rock

    I am in the process of getting stuff together to start a 150 gal reef tank. Early planning stages. I have a co-worker who use to have a 55 gal salt tank a few years ago. He never could get things to go quite right, got fustrated and gave up. He took his live rock and put it in the garage...
  15. mandarin w

    wondering about Black

    I in the early planning stages of setting up a new 150 gal reef tank. It is going to be the 48 x 24 x 30. I have to find out if I can get it drilled so I can use a fuge instead of canister filters. But my question is while search the different sites I see this ' Tahitian Moon - Jet Black...
  16. mandarin w

    do you or don't you?

    Are we supose to clean the sand bed like we clean the gravel in a fresh water tank. I've asked this question for about two years and get both answers. Today again I was told I need to clean my sand bed out at least twice a year. Well I had a long fight with Red slime and lost quite a bit of my...