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  1. arasa

    Golden Moray Eel

    Hey all, I was looking into this rare species, the Golden dwarf moray eel. Does anyone have any experience with them? I wanted one, but was wondering if just because of their size, if you can keep them in a "nano tank" maybe a 29 gallon biocube? I think this is a big no no, but any beg to...
  2. arasa

    New Rhizo typus

    Hey all, I just got a new rhizo on sale for a bill. I have him in my 29 gallon bio cube and he's just doing great. I currently shoot mysis with an eyedropper whenever he opens up, but I was wondering if they can eat pretty much anything? I have zooplankton that I feed my other hard corals, but...
  3. arasa

    Hatching Bamboo shark eggs

    I got a great setup for the bamboo shark since the last time I posted. (400 gallon custom made) It has been nearly a month and Im considering an egg. I wish I can share the pictures with you but all have is a 90s film camera. Anyways, has anyone been able to hatch these eggs in captivity and...
  4. arasa

    BS Stingray

    In previous threads, it has been mentioned that the blue spotted stingray is a difficult fish to keep, not living over few months. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have now constructed a 400 gallon aquarium and wish to keep a coral cat shark and a stingray (possibly the BS or cali). I...
  5. arasa

    Outdoor Saltwater Aquariums

    Hey I used to play in one of the Kiddie pools myself when I was a Kid, but now a days they have outdoor pools with the capacity of even 5000 gallons. I was wondering if anyone has heard of these outdoor pools being adjusted into aquariums given proper weather proofing and necessities, while...
  6. arasa

    Open Brain Coral help

    Hey I recently got an open brain coral and since the moment I dripped him in there, he had gooy substanced coming out of him. I tried to remove it but it just kept coming. I wanted to see if was clear by using air bubbles and the bubbles just stuck onto the goo. what is the problem ? The...
  7. arasa

    Bamboo Shark

    I am setting up a 400 gallon aquarium for a bamboo shark. Before I buy it, I want to make sure if the aquarium size is appropriate for this type of shark. Also are there any other fish I can keep in this aquarium, perhaps other predators? I have checked various websites, and some mention they...
  8. arasa

    Acclimating Mollies into saltwater

    I got a bunch of mollies, mostly balloon mollies, but i wasnt sure if only the blacks can be acclimated into saltwater? Can any molly be acclimated given the long drip method?
  9. arasa

    Powder Brown Tangs

    HAs anyone kept the powder brown tangs in a fish only aquariums? I know they are difficult fish but what can one do to keep them well in captivity, such as feeding, tank setup, etc. Are they generally hardier than the Powder Blue tangs?
  10. arasa

    Angelfish Conclusion

    Sorry I know I started so many treads on angelfish but just doing research before I settle on something. I came down to four angels, and was wondering if you guys can help me decide: Flame Angel - like it, but concerned about sensitivity Majestic Angel- again worried about sensitivity Black...
  11. arasa

    Flame Angelfish

    I posted a thread earlier on emperor and french angels. But now I realize flame angels provides the same color display as the larger angels along with other dwarf angels. I have however heard that they along with most angels large or small tend to be picky about water quality. If this is so, I...
  12. arasa

    King Angelfish

    I am by no mean planning to keep the king angelfish due to its immense size, but was wondering what fish can be kept with it? My friend lost his dog-face puffer after aggression with the king angel.
  13. arasa

    Conspicuous angelfish

    Has anyone seen conspicuous angelfish in retail recently? I know its a rare fish, and quite costly, which I am willing to pay anything for, but any online stores, or retail stores that are generally capable of bringing them in would be appreciated
  14. arasa

    Large Angelfish

    Hey What Species of large angelfish would be suitable for a 100 gallon aquarium? I was leaning towards french angelfish, but was not sure if they are hard to take care of, or what about the emperor angel? Do they need any specific requirements? I plan on keeping this a single specimen tank...
  15. arasa

    Ribbon Eel

    Hey I want to buy the black ribbon eel from this online store. Does anyone have an idea if all the shipments made are eating? If so, I have 125 gallon aquarium and wanted to keep the eel as a single specimen. Any suggestions? (i bought a custom made acrylic top so that the eel doesn't jump out.)