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  1. lizzy

    Algea Identification

    Is there a thread that can help me identify different types of algea?
  2. lizzy

    AWWW man!

    Dang! I wish my 65 gal tank was seahorse ready! Did everyone see that this site has CB kudas on sale for $15.00?!?!?! I WANNNNNT one! not fair!
  3. lizzy

    Non speicies specific Seahorse reef tank?

    Does anyone on here have a non speicies specific tank for thier seahorses? I would eventually love to be able to have a seahorse in my reef tank. (of course with only non stinging corals) Is it possible to do that and have a healthy seahorse? Also how many of you keep fish with your seahorses...
  4. lizzy

    Is this seahorse being stung?

    One of the people on my local forum posted this this seahorse being stung by the Zoa or Paly? it makes me sad to see!!
  5. lizzy

    How's my Stocklist? my tank has been up since the beggining of January..As of right now I have two Ocellaris Clowns and a few corals. Its a 65 gal. This is my stocklist that I have put together....if there are any problems let me know and I'll switch some stuff around. Okay so here we go! 2 Clowns...
  6. lizzy

    Sandsifting Fish

    What is a good sandsifting fish that will keep my sandbed clean? also do sandsifting fish eat pods? cuz one day i would like to get a mandarin (of course...wouldnt all of us?) Thanks! Liz
  7. lizzy

    Coral order coming tomorrow! YAY!

    I have an order coming tomorrow with Mushrooms and zoas...these are my questions. On this website ( it says just to float corals and then put them into the tank. is this what everyone does or do you drip them? or if not how do you acclimate them? next question is if i want to glue them...
  8. lizzy

    Blue xenia

    Have any of you ever had or heard of blue xenia? My LFS has some blueish/purple colored coral that looks a lot like xenia but the polyps...or whatever you would call them with xenia are really and 1/8th of an inch round. They have no idea what it is (and its not for sale) but its...
  9. lizzy

    Calcium Question

    I just got some mushrooms from a guy that i bought a light from and I didnt have a calcium i bought one before i went to pick up the mushrooms. when i got home i tested the calcium and its at 540! is too much calcium bad or is it okay to go ahead and put in the coral..if not what...
  10. lizzy

    My Calcium is to high...what should I do?

    I just got a calcium test today and Someone just gave me some Mushrooms to put in (for free..and I havent put them in yet...) but i Just tested for calcium and its at 540! I dont know what to it okay to go ahead and put the mushrooms in? other params are good just calcium...
  11. lizzy

    ALK/PH question

    I was just wondering if Alkalinity and PH are the same thing. ( just making sure I have all the right tests for everthing.)
  12. lizzy

    Frogspawn or hammer okay?

    Hi I was wanting to start putting corals into my tank and I was wondering if a frogspawn or a hammer coral would be okay to start out with? are they easy enough. I know that shrooms and zoas are the easiest but would it be okay to start with a frogspawn or hammer? if not then i'll just get a...
  13. lizzy

    Starter Corals

    Hello I have a 65 gal long tank that just finished its cycle! YAY HORRAY! Parameters are as follows: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10, PH 8.2, Salinity 1.026, and temp is 78deg. I have Coral life PC 50/50 lighting (I dont know how many watts. I bought them like two years ago right before we...
  14. lizzy


    I was just wondering if anyone has ever used a denitrator. If so how well it worked and if you have any other info about this it is also welcome.
  15. lizzy

    Lighting Question for a 60 Gal

    I am trying to get everything together that i need to get my tank ready for corals or for a "reef" I guess I could say. Anyways, I have a power compact light that i was given It only has one bulb in it...I have no idea what watts it is. So I was thinking that I will prob have to upgrade my...
  16. lizzy

    anything special for zoo's?

    I was wondering if zoo's need any special what kind of lighting, water flow...ect. any help would be much appriciated! thanks!
  17. lizzy

    Yellow Tang has brown spots

    Hi Everyone. I am very new at this and I just set up my tank 3 weeks ago. It was going through the cylceing process when this lady came into my work and asked me if I wanted to take her fish from her cuz she was converting into a fw tank and she was just going to flush the fish if i didnt want...
  18. lizzy

    Anemone ID

    I was in my LFS the other day and I saw an Anemone that was yellow with purple tips and was wondering what kind it was?
  19. lizzy

    Metal Halide Lights

    I am wondering how many watts i would need to get for a 60 gal. I was looking at a 400 watt...but i was wondering if i would be better off getting to like 175 watt or something like that to spread out the light thoughout the whole tank. I wasnt sure how many watts i would need. I dont want to be...
  20. lizzy

    Halide Ballast

    Has anyone ever built or thought about building thier own Ballast for a Halide lamp?? Do you think that like a hardware store would have the parts to build one with??