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  1. dan hanna

    Strange sight...

    Seen my chromis mouth to mouth...And then rubbing up aginst each other...? Is that a sign of breeding..?
  2. dan hanna

    yellow canary eel in a reef tank..?

  3. dan hanna

    Little help..?

    Just bought a AquaC RX-1 Reactor.....Anyone else run one of these..?
  4. dan hanna

    Could Not Resist This One..had To Buy

    Been outta the saltwater world for a couple years now but had to get this 200.. Still battling gang green..but i think i am nearing the end!! BEEN UP AN RUNNING FOR JUST OVER A MONTH.. Anyone in the northwest...?
  5. dan hanna

    I'm Looking To Buy A Nano Style Tank!!!

  6. dan hanna

    Has anyone heard of this brand??????

    I was looking on ---- to buy a new skimmer and came across this wet/dry filter with a built in skimmer??? It is the TOM PRO SERIES for $239.99????? Does anyone have any input on this brand ??? If this filter is garbage what do you think about SEACLONE , CORALIFE skimmers????? Or does anyone...
  7. dan hanna

    Must Sell 150gal. tank W/Everything!!!!

    I have to sell this tank ASAP!!!!!!! 72"long 30'high 24'wide. over 200lbs live rock, 2in bed of sand in this tank. very large green carpet aneome, large regal tang, pair maroon clown fish, coral beauty angel,and a blemmy. wet/dry sump,1 can filter, 1 uv filter, and 1 large heater. 1 450 watt M.H...
  8. dan hanna

    must sell 5' 11" coralife light

    :help: I have to sell these lights!!.. the lights are about nine months old. The brand is coralife, size is L-71" 7/8 x W-7 1/4 no more then 3" thick. It has 8-cooling fans, 3-different light setting. 2-actinic 96 watt bulbs, 1-10,000k 96 watt bulb & 1-50/50 96 watt bulb. my brother bought me...
  9. dan hanna

    help need metal halide asap

    :help: need two metal halide pendants new or used any size will do. trade or cashiers check 503 997 6662
  10. dan hanna

    private mess

    :help: is it just me cause i'm new to this or is everyone else having trouble sending private messages:thinking:
  11. dan hanna

    hermit crab

    :jumping: i bought a hermit crab about 4 days ago an after drop'n him in my tank it did not move at all.. so about 3 days later i picked up the shell to see what was going on and i found nothing in the shell an this was a good size hermit to just disappear in my tank?????:help: